Judge That Sentenced Meek Mill To Prison Faces New Allegations Of 'Inappropriate Behavior'

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 21:  Meek Mill attends Meek Mill "Wins & Losses" Album Release Party at Velosolutions Pumptrack on July 21, 2017 in New York City.  (Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage)

Judge That Sentenced Meek Mill To Prison Faces New Allegations Of 'Inappropriate Behavior'

She did something "unusual" involving his community service.

Published January 31, 2018

The circumstances surrounding Meek Mill’s recent incarceration has raised a slew of concerns about the conduct of the presiding judge and other court officials that were involved during his hearings and sentencing.

Documents obtained by Complex.com accuse Judge Genece Brinkley of violating a Judicial Code of Conduct when she had her then secretary Carla L. Wilson compose a letter for her personal lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia in 2011. Wilson’s letter violates the stipulation that prohibits courthouse staff and judges from working together on personal business.

Brinkley and Wilson were accused violating the Code of Conduct once again when Wilson served as the “official witness” during Brinkley’s termination of Det. Richard Pacell. Brinkley reportedly admitted to inviting Wilson into her home to witness the termination and testify in court on her behalf.

The questionable behavior from Wilson and Judge Brinkley continued in 2016. Complex.com claims Judge Brinkley supervised Meek’s community service at Broad Street Ministry with Wilson in tow. Their appearance raised concerns because it’s "unusual" for a presiding judge (and his/her secretary) to visit a defendant during their community service off-hours, Complex.com reports.

This isn’t the only instance of unethical behavior brought against Judge Brinkley. Meek Mill’s reps accuse the judge of issuing a harsh 2-4 sentence because of a bias brought on by the rapper’s refusal to shout her out on a Boyz II Men remake. Court clerk Wanda Chavarria was reportedly terminated after she asked Meek Mill to cover the tuition for her son's final semester in college. 

Written by Jasmine Washington

(Photo: Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage)


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