This Petty Move 50 Cent Pulled On A Stripper Will Have You Hysterical

attends the Starz "Power" The Fifth Season NYC Red Carpet Premiere Event & After Party on June 28, 2018 in New York City.

This Petty Move 50 Cent Pulled On A Stripper Will Have You Hysterical

He took that cash-back guarantee, literally.

Published August 6, 2018

Everyone’s favorite troll, 50 Cent, is back at it again with his antics. While partying at the Angels Gentlemen’s Club, he didn’t seem too fond of a certain stripper’s moves. Fif was so displeased after making it rain, he had second thoughts on his investment.

The Power star scooped up all the cash he dished out with no regrets. In a hilarious video, the stripper is bouncing that donk, but Fif wasn’t moved in the least. Throwing up the side-eye emoji, Fif claimed he swiped his cash back due to this: “LOL SEE HOW I GET WHEN THEY START TRYING TO BE CUTE. 😆IM TAKING THE MONEY BACK.”

Yikes! She was apparently upset about something. In response to a fan over his bold tactic, Fif said, “shorty said some sh*t. [He] asked what’s wrong? Then said f**k it,” and took his money back. They say if you aren’t getting your money’s worth, you can get it back. So, was this a wise choice, or just plain effed up? You decide.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Starz Entertainment LLC)


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