Did Hip-Hop See Cardi B And Offset’s Breakup Coming All Along?

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 12:  Cardi B and Offset of Migos attend Huncho Reality "The Album release Experience" on October 12, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

Did Hip-Hop See Cardi B And Offset’s Breakup Coming All Along?

Vocal millennial voices weigh in on the breakup heard ‘round the hip-hop world.

Published December 7, 2018

The 2017 flame that kindled the romance of Cardi B and Offset skyrocketed the young hip-hop lovebirds to “relationship goals” of millennial celeb culture fanatics just as quickly as they said their “I Dos” after seven months of dating.

But not as fast as it all came crashing down on Wednesday (December 5) when the Bronx femcee superstar suddenly announced a breakup and consequent divorce from her husband of one year. The announcement was short and sweet as Cardi returned to her Instagram roots in a simple selfie clip to reveal that hip-hop’s “it” couple was no more. The 26-year-old left no bad blood to spill, emphasizing that they’d remain close friends, business partners, and of course co-parents to their 4-month old daughter. However, she left details behind the split scant, citing nothing and no one except irreconcilable differences as the culprit that wrecked the happy young home. But that didn’t cease the witch-hunt for the real Cephus homewrecker from ensuing, especially amid a hailstorm of previous cheating scandals and side chick scuffles with the Migos rapper’s name smack dab in the middle of it. Offset blamed the fans, the fans blamed Offset, and one woman blamed herself in a tearful “other woman” confessional.

For those less concerned with any single cause of the split, however, a larger conversation emerged: love in the age of millennials and the double-sworded world of social media. Combined with the rising pressures of Hollywood status, invasive fan cults, and everyday distances, some believed it was only a matter of time before the two switched their relationship statuses to single. Ultimately, it all leads us to one question—Did we, could we, the millennials, have seen two of the culture’s biggest names and most-sought-after celebrity couples, heading for Splitsville all along? 13 of the most vocal millennial voices weigh in:

  1. It brought the conversation around the lifespan of young relationships to light

    I didn’t expect to see the breakup announced publicly but I have been anticipating both Cardi B and Offset accelerating in their respective careers. I think our generation has grown accustomed to seeing how life is curated for Instagram and it creates illusions of love and stability that simply may not even exist. I’m not saying that’s the expected scenario for Cardi and Offset but with a child involved I think the breakup will keep both focused on what matters — their beautiful daughter.

    Aside from the Cardi B and Offset situation, I think the conversation around the lifespan of young relationships is also being spotlighted because of how multi-dimensional we are as a dating group. We share everything— our love interest, breakups, hookups, sexual orientation, proposals, marriages, etc. It leaves room for critiquing our every move when it comes to our personal lives and relationships.

    Jasmine, 25


  2. It’s not about age, fame, or money. It’s about choices.

    Personally, I don’t feel like I saw it coming. As an optimistic romantic, I never plot or seek out the demise of others, in terms of love and relationships. Cardi seems like a great lover, mother and even wife. She took Offset back time-after-time, even with the countless cheating rumors and alleged evidence (ie. that sex tape). Yet, it gets to a certain point when enough is enough and I feel like she tried her hardest to make it work. However, you can’t be in a marriage fighting by yourself. Just recently, Offset couldn’t stop raving about how much his wife means to him and made him a better person AND HE STILL “CHEATED.” Love isn’t enough in situations like this and I’m happy she’s choosing her sanity over her love for this toxic man. As a young woman raising a daughter, you don’t want to teach her that it’s okay to keep putting up with bullshit and hoping for better results. It’s not okay to “suffer first and be glorified later” or tolerate being loved in installments.

    I feel like if Offset chose his family over his selfish tendencies, their relationship could’ve lasted. There are a lot of young couples in the public eye who are making it work (ie. Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner). It’s not about age, fame, or money. It’s about choices. He chose to cheat, whether it’s been proven publicly or not. Cardi chose to leave. “Young” relationships can last and as much as they seemed to be hip-hop’s next great love story, it’s unfortunate it had to end like this.

    Mya, 24

  3. It’s similar to how so many millennial relationships go wrong these days

    1000%, but not because of millennial relationships, but because they met at two completely different career states and levels of fame, and Cardi became the superstar of the relationship. Offset didn’t appear to have a problem with her star power, but his social media presence was questionable. He kept his love for her more private, but a lot of their discrepancies and addressing his infidelity were embraced publicly by him. That’s actually similar to how so many millennial relationships go wrong these days. One partner preaches about privacy, but somehow brings their issues to social media for all to see.

    Lindsay, 26

  4. The whole 'marriage' thing was for publicity

    To be honest, I think the whole “marriage” thing was for publicity. I’m not saying that they didn’t love each other (I’m not opposed to that either), but I do think it was a great business move for the both of them to get married. Both are at the prime of their careers. The co-sign from Offset, who’s fully launching his solo career and migos are at their hottest, definitely helped solidify Cardi’s name in rap while her songs were going No. 1 and she was dropping her debut album. I think it was just to keep the spotlight on them because we live in this reality tv age where people want to see all into people’s lives

    So their fav female rapper/fav person to watch on Instagram and one of the rappers from the hottest rap group almost ever just makes sense and makes for good publicity. THEY NAMED THE BABY AFTER THE MIGOS ALBUM! And now they break up in enough time for offsets debut album so he has something to talk about . Because the label was just saying how he needs to talk about more than Pateks. And now Cardi can come out with a crazy 2nd album with crazy heartbreak pop crossover tracks on em and get blasted even further in superstardom. And they can still make business moves together, they have a baby together so that’ll always pair them and keep them in the public eye somehow. That’s just how I see it. So, I did see it coming. Even if everything I said was pure speculation and completely inaccurate, they still got married way too fast! Can’t really expect to last too long without building the foundation

    Phuzz, 24

  5. People weaponize social media to expose people

    I saw it coming because people love using social media to expose somebody.. he got exposed-at least three times since they’ve been together. And insecurity is a terrible thing to have if you’re that famous person.

    Miyagi, 24


  6. It's hard to find hope and belief in industry relationships

    I’m not the most intuitive of Cardi and Offset’s relationship but nowadays it’s hard to find a lot of hope and belief in relationships that exist within in the same industry. That’s no shade or has nothing to do with the mishaps that may have occured internally but more so based on two separate individuals thriving in their own respective careers; that alone gets a little too busy for the normal course of marital status. If it’s any consolation, I was rooting for the two and hope the Instagram post holds true that their still really good friends.



  7. Without God at the center, expect chaos

    Unfortunately, their break up doesn’t surprise me at all. A marriage is already extremely hard to make work, and for two young celebrities it’s even harder. The man is supposed to be the spiritual head of a marriage, and supposed to set the standard that God will be at the center of the relationship. If the husband doesn’t set that standard, the temptations and pressures are too heavy to handle. Without God at the center, expect chaos.


  8. They jumped in too fast

    I guess I did see it coming. Not because they don’t love each other just because they jumped into it at such a fast pace and then also because they’re both young artists in a time like this. With all the social media and internet stuff, cheating/temptation is very accessible. You’re seeing so much on the timeline 24/7 and have contact with almost anybody, so yeah I did see it coming, but not this soon. Offset does have an album dropping really soon too by the way so…*Kanye shrug*

    Meez, 25


  9. I knew deep down they wouldn't last

    Even though I wanted to see Cardi and Offset last, I knew deep down they wouldn’t due to how hip-hop culture conditions. They’re both creators of polygamous mantras (within the music), which evidentially is going to rubs off in their personal lives. America conditioned us as monogamists, but promote polygamists within unstable communities.

    Quazz, 27


  10. Anything forced by social media is bound to lose its shine after awhile

    The timing of Cardi and Offset’s break up comes as a surprise. It seems like just the other day they were on social media promoting their love. But overall, it’s not too shocking. Offset showed who he was from the beginning when the first report regarding his infidelity dropped. Cardi confessed that she knew about his actions and chose to move on from them. As more rumors started to leak, it seemed that he wasn’t willing to change. Thinking about it, Cardi and Offset are both very young  and their age coupled with the fact that they are two of the biggest stars in hip-hop, they have a baby to raise, and his cheating, it seemed to be a formula for failure. Yes, there are plenty of couples in Hollywood and in real life that are able to move past cheating, but unfortunately for them, it seemed like it was only a matter of time until things blew up. Plus, anything that is kind of forced on you via social media, by the couple and fans, is bound to lose its shine after awhile.

    Jessica, 25

  11. They got caught up in the whirlwind of a Hollywood romance

    I totally saw this coming. I think that they were really getting caught up in the whirlwind of a Hollywood romance, and they didn’t get time (in my opinion) to truly get to know one another. I think as people in our mid-20s, we’re still trying to figure things out in life, and especially in love. You may think you’ve found that fairytale ending and “the one,” and put a lot of energy into cultivating something that you don’t want to lose, but love is sometimes a losing game. I think they should have given it a bit more time before rushing into everything. I truly hope Cardi uses this time to love herself and her child, and to figure out what she really wants in life.

    J’na, 25

  12. Some people can work it out, and some just can't

    Honestly, Cardi B posting that video didn’t seem “secure” to me. I say this only because it was no emotion in the video. I understand why she went public with the video seeing as though their “marriage” is highly profiled. In my opinion I would’ve rather Cardi not post another at all hence why she has deleted the video because a lot comes behind that, with them having no prenup and the marriage laws in New York which would cause Cardi to pay Offset a large amount. Posting your relationship problems isn’t good because everyone will consistently be in your business and “THEY” as DJ Khaled would say will ALWAYS be in your business trying to find not just GOOD things about the relationship but BAD as we’re experiencing now with Cardi & Offset. I wish them the best though, some people can work out problems in a marriage and some just can’t.

    Buzy Baker, 27


  13. Given their status as celebrities and their environments, I'm not surprised

    I can’t say i’m surprised that they broke up given their status as celebrities and the environment it places them both in. Being in a relationship is already tough enough with just family and friends knowing. I can only imagine how hard it’d be with the entire world watching and commenting on your every move, especially with social media exacerbating EVERYTHING. I’m sure their trust and belief in each other got tested and ultimately broken. But for me to say I saw it coming all along? I have no idea because I feel that social media is what we choose for people to see you know? I know of a lot of relationships that are beautiful, healthy, loving, and not really all over social media. I guess it all comes down to perspective though.

    Patrick, 27

Written by BET Staff

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