Report: Here's Diddy's Unfortunate Reaction After Finding Out About Cassie's New Relationship...

Report: Here's Diddy's Unfortunate Reaction After Finding Out About Cassie's New Relationship...

Sources claim Cassie's team is denying it all, however.

Published January 3, 2019

Cassie left 2018 with a bang and entered the new year with a banging new bae-dom alongside Alex Fine—her trainer-turned-love-ting that’s got the entire internet buzzing.

Cass debuted her new beau on Instagram as the two smooched into 2019 together with her mother, Stacy Hobson. But that didn’t stop the efforts of her former longtime lover (and Mr. Fine’s former trainee client) Diddy, who showered his love for her on his Instagram Story prior. Unfortunately for the Bad Boy Records supreme, it may be too little too late for another chance at a Cassie makeup after 11 long years together. And according to TMZ, he’s all shaken up not only about the “Must Be Love” singer’s newfangled love affair, but also how it all came to be.

  1. As previously mentioned, Fine has a history with both Cass and Puff…

    The 25-year-old fitness trainer and bull rider worked with the former couple within the last year. TMZ reports that Fine actually stepped in as one of the several backups that Puff’s regular trainer, Jamal Liggin, brought on board to help him out when his schedule got crazy. “Their sources” claim that Cass and Fine were doing a little extra working out on the side over the last year that Fine trained them, and allegedly did so before the split with Puff actually happened.

  2. For that, TMZ adds, Puff allegedly feels betrayed…

    And is “convinced there’s an overlap.” But let Cassie and Alex’s sources tell it, their mingling didn’t start until post-breakup. It’s worth noting that Cassie, Diddy nor Mr. Fine have confirmed any of the supposed statements from these sources to be factual, so we’d suggest taking only but so much of the reports in with a grain of salt. But should there be any truth to them, let’s hope for less controversy and more cordial resolves in 2019 between the involved parties.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Steve Granitz/WireImage, Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)


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