Disturbing Video Of Timbaland Discussing Aaliyah Surfaces Amid ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Premiere

Disturbing Video Of Timbaland Discussing Aaliyah Surfaces Amid ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Premiere

“First R. Kelly, now this?”

Published January 4th

The dreaded moment we prayed wasn't coming has arrived, and we're still attempting to collect ourselves off the floor. Just hours after more secrets unraveled about R. Kelly's unsettling relationship with Aaliyah during the earliest stages of her career, it seems that a man who many felt was a saving grace and played a massive role in her mainstream success actually wasn't very different from Robert.

In a video dug up from the archives, Timbaland is seen gushing about his "one in a million" phenom, but shockingly, he initially wasn't seeking to be placed in the friendzone. Reminiscing on him first meeting Aaliyah, he stated, "It's time for the world to hear this..."

  1. "I WAS IN LOVE WITH HER, but she’s just a baby & I’m old," he continued

    At the time, when Timbo crossed paths with the "princess of R&B," he was 23 and she was only 16. "I said to myself, I was only gonna be her brother. Ah man... I was fighting a big war, but I loved Aaliyah," the famed producer stated.

    It's tragic that, just as these horrendous details are being brought to light, the beloved star isn't even here to defend herself or speak her truth. Unlike Robert, there is no evidence proving Timbaland ever acted on his feelings. Instead, it seems he suppressed them and the rest, you can say, is history.

  2. Oddly enough, Timbaland confessed that he married his wife because of her Aaliyah resemblance...
  3. Brace yourself for the full snippet below.

    Aaliyah was inching towards her pinnacle at the time of her sudden death, and it's so heartbreaking to realize just how many people in her life blatantly failed her...

Written by Mya Abraham

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