Soulja Boy And Tyga Are In An All-Out Instagram War And We Can't Stop Laughing

Soulja Boy And Tyga Are In An All-Out Instagram War And We Can't Stop Laughing

"Your hairline had a huge comeback..."

Published January 17, 2019

Soulja Boy is on an industry-raging roll after unleashing Instagram shots on a number of hip-hop camps including G.O.O.D. Music all-stars Kanye West and Tyga, Young Money/OVO Sound’s Drake and even MMG’s Meek Mill.

With so much tension polluting the industry air, the trio of The Breakfast Club even gave Soulja the opportunity to express his grievances on live radio, which quickly turned into a laughingstock gold for the Twitterverse and Power 106.1 listeners alike. Now, “Big Draco” is circling back to place Tyga (his “Comeback of 2018” opponent) in his crosshairs again after the “Dip” rapper posted his receipt-driven response to the comeback controversy.

  1. To jog your memory a bit, Soulja Boy had choice words about Tyga’s seat on the 2018 comeback throne
  2. Posting his Spotify stats to his social media, Tyga put an end to the argument with just two screenshots

    “Who had the biggest comeback???” he captioned the comparative photos of him and Soulja’s 2018 year on Spotify.

    (Swipe left)

    Now we’re no mathematicians. But judging by Spotify’s numbers, it appears Tyga beat out Soulja in just about every category by over twice the count in streaming, fans and hours. The only thing they ran neck-and-neck at was the number of countries in which their music was being streamed: 65. Spotify wanted no parts of the Tyga and Big Draco beef though, and showed up on Tyga’s shady post to hilariously request that we all “just get along and turn our swag on” instead.

  3. Soulja Boy hit back with a receipt of his own though

    Upholding his previous claims that he’s responsible for Tyga’s industry boost to stardom, Soulja took that #10YearChallenge to a new level with a screenshot from his 2009 “Donk” video. A young Tyga is seen with Soulja in the screengrab as he reiterates his sentiments about discovering the Compton-native. “Tyga?! Tyga?!,” he captioned the photo. “I put Tyga on! I put Tyga in his first video he should be thanking me!...”

  4. Eventually, Tyga granted Soulja his wishes…
  5. And now the internet has zero chill left for the both of them

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, Jerod Harris/WireImage)


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