Nas Is Accusing Kelis Of This Shameful Move With Their 9-Year-Old Son...

Nas Is Accusing Kelis Of This Shameful Move With Their 9-Year-Old Son...

Hopefully, the pair can work it out in the best interest of young Knight.

Published January 25, 2019

The soured relationship between hip-hop’s former lovebirds-turned-estranged-co-parents Kelis and Nas is unfortunately continuing its downward spiral, as suggested by a new TMZ report regarding custody of their 9-year-old son, Knight.

According to the site, the former femcee-singer (now chefstress) Kelis plans on packing her and their son up to move to Colombia and pursue her new knack for farming. However, the Illmatic emcee is stopping her dead in her tracks, TMZ reports, as he asserts it would be a violation to their current custody agreement.

  1. TMZ states that Nas believes she’s been building up to the Colombia move

    She allegedly brought Knight to Colombia in December and worked out arrangements for Nas to have him for New Year’s Eve, the site states of Nas’ recollection. Kelis ended up texting him “to say the plan had changed,” TMZ reports, and didn’t come back to the U.S. until last week (January 14). Escobar is also allegedly accusing her of making other unauthorized moves beneath his nose, such as removing him from his private school in L.A. and even homeschooling him in Colombia.

  2. The site adds that the move to Cartagena could be permanent…

    ... considering that Kelis and her new husband have a farm there. However, should any of this hold true, the move would go against their legal custody agreement, which would require Kelis to provide notice about such travel. Ultimately, the Queens rapper is pushing for a judge to hold her in contempt for the violations, TMZ concludes.

Written by Diamond Alexis

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