Cardi B Exploded Into A Vicious War Of Words Over These Fake DMs

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Cardi B Exploded Into A Vicious War Of Words Over These Fake DMs

Bardi went toe-to-toe with a man claiming to be her best friend’s ex, and she’s got foolproof receipts galore.

PUBLISHED ON : JANUARY 29, 2019 / 11:53 AM

In yet another faux Instagram DM conversation attempt involving Cardi B, the Bronx rap star put one of her Instagram foes’ Photoshop ploys to the test for all 40 million of her followers to see.

Apparently, the individual (who goes by Yung Honcho) is said to be an associate of hip-hop and R&B artist PnB Rock, and by his words, a former flame of Cardi’s bestie, Star Brim. Judging by the dialogue in their fiery exchange, the man apparently exposed alleged DM conversations with Cardi concerning people that she works with. But according to the “Money” rapper, not only are his claims bogus, but so are his receipts, because she has the real ones.

  1. ‘N**gas is weird how you photoshopping dms weird a** motherf**kers,’ Cardi wrote on a now-deleted video post…

    “Groupie a** bills don’t f**kin play with me.” In the video, Cardi is using someone else’s phone to record her own as she scrolls through her DMS with the man, proving the messages are legitimate. She explained to everyone with the foolproof receipts that she’s never responded to the several DMs he sent to her, except on one occasion when he asked to write Star Brim in jail. However, when she asked Star about him, Cardi said, she informed that Star didn’t even know who he was. “I bet you cannot take somebody else’s phone and record me DM’ing you, my n**ga,” Cardi said. “I don’t talk to you, f**k out of here.” Cardi also didn’t appreciate him calling her by any name that insinuated they may have a closer relationship.

  2. In his scathing response to Cardi, he alleged that she was the one faking the reality of their relationship

    “Now, what b**ch?” he said on his Instagram Live session. “You followed me b**ch! I was never following you! F**k you talking about?” Presumably, the statement comes as his first defense that Cardi was the one initiating contact with him—not the other way around. “You was only ‘sis’ because I was sticking d**k in your best friend!” he ranted. “That’s the only reason why I called you ‘sis!’” He continued explaining that Cardi followed him on Instagram because she knew who he was, as did Star, and she was never actually around her best friend.

  3. ‘B**ch a** nikka prove yourself then,’ Cardi wrote in another video post…

    “Ya want clout so bad imma give it you.” She proceeded to show herself typing in his Instagram name on her phone to reveal their actual DM conversation. “Do this!” she challenged him. “Do this! You can’t, n**ga! Because you fucking Photoshop DMs!”

    The receipts don’t lie, folks.

    See Cardi clear her name in another Instagram standoff below.

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Written by BET Staff

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