This Cardi B And Donald Trump Instagram DM Conversation Is Not What You Think It Is...

This Cardi B And Donald Trump Instagram DM Conversation Is Not What You Think It Is...

No, this is seriously dangerous...

Published January 8, 2019

Only a week into the new year and Cardi B haters are already concocting plans for a 2019 attack.

Their latest ploy? A faux Instagram DM involving her and none other than the world’s most hated, Donald Trump. Too bad Bardi’s already one step ahead of them though, and she’s posing a warning to everyone else about one specific mobile app that could mean trouble for more people than just her.

  1. The ‘Invasion of Privacy’ star shared the fake screen recording showing an even faker Instagram DM conversation with the White House squatter

    The faux convo shows a fan asking Trump’s opinion on Cardi. “She is my favorite rapper,” the photoshopped reply from him shows. “Very entertaining, I play her songs at my rallies!” Not that any sensible person actually shows up to those, but the first indicator of a fake screen recording is that you don’t really have to be there to know Trump has never blasted one of Bardi’s songs at his rallies.

  2. ‘This app is dangerous it got people fake photoshopping DMs and screen recordings,’ Cardi captioned the video…

    “Stop tagging me in nonsense…It’s 2019 stop with the bullsh** f**king weirdos.” The app in question, with several others of its kind, is called “Fake Chat (Direct Message).” It’s already self-explanatory, but the app’s selling points is that it users can “create fakes chats that look real!” and “control both sides of the conversation,” its App Store promo reads. The developers behind these kinds of apps couldn’t have possibly believed anyone would use this for good, and it looks like Cardi just proved that in just one faux screen recording from it. It wouldn't be the first time someone's forged a social media interaction involving Bardi either. “Now that I let ya know the app leave me alone with the fake sh**!” she concluded.

    We second that one, Cardi.

    See her address to the fake Trump convo below.

  3. (Swipe left to see the app for yourself...)

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Win McNamee/Getty Images, Rick Kern/WireImage)


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