Hear Offset’s Confession About His Lean Addiction And Cheating On Cardi B

Hear Offset’s Confession About His Lean Addiction And Cheating On Cardi B

“I make my wife look crazy, so I’ll take that punishment..."

Published February 27, 2019

After shedding one of the most personal, introspective layer of himself for his critically-praised Father of 4 solo debut album, Atlanta trap star Offset got even more candid on-air with The Breakfast Club and Hot 107.9.

The February-released solo project veered away from the Migos rapper’s customary rap rich lifestyle and trap sensation and instead served as an ode to his growth as a man, husband, artist, and ultimately, a father. This was a conscious decision Offset made, he revealed to the trio over at The Breakfast Club, especially after his tumultuous 2018 in the public eye with his femcee starlet wifey, Cardi B. A sex tape cheating scandal from 2017 tainted the top of the year when a viral video clip leaked allegedly showing Mr. Cephus in bed with another woman. 2018 drove yet another cheating scandal up the wall when text messages leaked showing a conversation allegedly between Offset and another woman planning to meet up for an illicit three-way affair. The Invasion of Privacy star apparently had enough and publicly announced that she was calling it quits with her husband of just one-year right before 2019 rang in—much to ‘Set’s dismay.

Following several stride attempts to win back Mrs. Cephus, including a crashed Rolling stage set, the 27-year-old vows that he’s learned each lesson there was to take from nearly losing her, which he also speaks to for the album. But in addition to those lessons, Offset had even more growing to do into his role as a husband and away from certain habits as well, such as a lean addiction.

  1. Offset admitted that he was ‘cleaning up’ the habit, especially after realizing the environment he was bringing it into as a dad of four little ones

    He said that Cardi noticed his knack for the sipping habit but wouldn’t press him about it. She would make mention that he should stop though. Once he realized how much of the use was being exposed to his children, that was also a major cause for concern. Offset recalled his son seeing him sip the lean and mistaking it for juice, asking if he could have some too. It was moments like those that made him realize it was time to kick the habit.

  2. DJ Envy shifted the conversation into his major cheating scandal controversy thereafter

    It was no secret to anyone at The Breakfast Club table that Offset wasn’t only up against a hurt wife, but her enraged Bardi Gang fans as well. When Envy asked whether Offset felt social media was working to ruin his relationship, he confirmed. “I did some things that’s wrong, but bruh, don’t kill me,” he said throwing his hands up in surrender. “Allow me and my people to work this out. ‘Cause now it’s serious, it’s not no game.” He acknowledged that he knew Bardi really loved him when she took him back anyway and was able to give him the space and peace he needed to right his wrongs. “You run into the same wall sometimes, bruh. And then, I’m new to this. I’m new to being married. I was 26 married…” Offset realized in his mistakes, he said, that he stood the real chance of losing his family.

    As for his epic stage crash, which resulted in an even more pissed off wife, Offset didn’t listen to what the fans had to say in that moment of desperation to win his wife back either. “I don’t give a damn, I love my girl,” he said. “Whatever it takes.” For Offset, love comes few and far between in these times, and doesn’t believe he’d ever find another woman to love him either. He points to his own Christian values, recognizing that his process of getting married and having a baby with his wife aligned with them, and he didn’t want to destroy that forever.

  3. ‘I make my wife look crazy,’ he added at the conclusion of the conversation…

    “So I’ll take that punishment, I’ll take [the fans] not liking me, or not liking me no more, or doing whatever they be doing. I’ll take that. I deserve that.”

    Earlier in the discussion, he admitted not giving Bardi her space though, out of fear she’d take too much and never return to him. He confirmed that when Charlamagne asks, “You was scared you was gonna lose her forever?” to which he replied, “For sure! Yeah! I done hurt this girl like this? Yeah.” 

  4. Offset expanded on that during his Hot 107.9 interview as well where he speaks on the values he’s gained as a man of his family

    “First off, you got to be the head of your family as the man,” he said. “You gotta step forth. Ain’t nobody perfect. I messed up. I did that. But the main focus was for me to keep my family and keep moving forward.” Offset said that media will take a toll for the worse in these situations because of the personal nature of it all along with the pressure of being an artist and staying on top of your artistry. But none of that mattered to him when he had a family to support and uphold. “I made her look bad, so I had to clean that up,” he confessed. “As a man and as a father, I got to step up and do whatever I can. All this other stuff don’t matter. Money, the cars, none of this matters—success don’t even matter because I do the success for the family.”

    Apparent on the album, Offset added that he didn’t want his celebrity to outweigh his human capacity either. “We all humans,” he said. “We all got mistakes and we make bad decisions and we make bad character judgments. To me, the best thing for me was admitting it and moving forward with it. Everybody was putting the pressure and trying to make me look like this evil person, which I understand why, because what I did was wrong. And that’s why I stepped up.”

    Kudos to you, ‘Set!

    Listen to his sentiments on the subject with Hot 107.9 below and check The Breakfast Club gems he dropped above.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: YouTube/ Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM)


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