Eric Holder Reportedly Pistol-Whipped His Neighbor One Hour Before Allegedly Shooting Nipsey Hussle

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 04: Eric Ronald Holder Jr., 29, who is accused of killing of rapper Nipsey Hussle, appears for arraignment with his Attorney Christopher Darden (R) on April 4, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. The Grammy-nominated artist, Nipsey Hussle, was gunned down in broad daylight in front of The Marathon Clothing store he founded in 2017 on the day he was scheduled to meet with Los Angeles Police Department brass to discuss ways of stopping gang violence. (Photo by Patrick Fallon-Pool/Getty Images)

Eric Holder Reportedly Pistol-Whipped His Neighbor One Hour Before Allegedly Shooting Nipsey Hussle

A sworn statement has surfaced detailing the vicious attack that allegedly concerned a drug deal.

Published May 21st

Two women allege that Eric Holder, Nipsey Hussle’s current murder suspect, got into a violent physical altercation with their male friend one hour before he allegedly shot the beloved L.A. hip-hop artist and community altruist in front of his Marathon clothing store, TMZ reports.

  1. The outlet obtained court documents from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office on Tuesday (May 21) that contained statements from both women who reside in New Jersey. TMZ adds that though the sisters didn’t witness the purported attack in person, their statements to the police are a recount of the incident from an unnamed male friend.

    According to the statements, the altercation started after Holder, who reportedly lives next door to their friend in the same apartment complex, showed up to his apartment around 2 p.m. on March 31.

  2. The male friend told the sisters that Holder accused him of selling him laced weed. “You put drugs in the pot you sold me,” Holder allegedly yelled at the man in a “violent tone,” according to a sworn statement from one of the women.

    The two men were in the hallway talking when Holder then allegedly pistol-whipped him in the back of the head. The unnamed male said he saw “a gun fall and slide towards his feet” when he turned back around to confront Holder. He described it as “a big silver gun” and “semi-automatic” to the women. The friend allegedly ran into his apartment and locked himself inside afterward.

  3. The two sisters stated that they filed a report with the police on behalf of their friend because he was afraid of coming forward since he sold Holder marijuana. The two sisters live in New Jersey while the friend lives in Long Beach, California, which is where the alleged altercation took place.

    Furthermore, the documents show that all three believe Holder is a gang member, which has been heavily speculated since the fatal shooting of Nipsey.

Written by Danielle Ransom

(Photo: Patrick Fallon-Pool/Getty Images)


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