Beyoncé Did Her First On-Camera Interview In Six Years, And The BeyHive Is Shook

Beyoncé Did Her First On-Camera Interview In Six Years, And The BeyHive Is Shook

In one of the rarest Queen Bey moments to ever bless the BeyHive, here's what the Queen Bey had to say.

Published June 13th

Deep breaths, BeyHive.

For your leader, the illustriously exclusive Beyoncé, hath shared words in front of an actual camera for her first on-screen interview since 2013 for the annual Wearable Art Gala.

Roaring into the “A Journey to the Pride Lands”-themed gala spotlight with Blue Ivy, Bey stunned with her glitz and glamourous lioness ensemble, a bow to her role as Nala in the dangerously-anticipated live-action film, The Lion King. 2019’s WACO festivity was the gift that kept on giving, too, and its latest offering comes in the form of Bey’s interview that she conducted with OWN TV. Bey dropped all the gems for the conversation, from her Lion King debut, to standing proudly in her Blackness, to supporting the wide landscape of young Black artists.

  1. “The WACO gala is exciting for me because it’s one of the only red carpets I do with my family,” Bey begins explaining in the video. “My daughter gets to dress up and my husband. This year’s [theme is] ‘Lion King,’ which obviously I play Nala, so it’s the first time I’m doing any appearance as a person that stars in the Lion King. It’s something I grew up watching and I’m so excited for my kids to see it.”

    Bey also spoke to her mother Ms. Tina Lawson (who hosted the gala) and her husband Richard Lawson’s inspiring fascination with art. She pointed out the emergence and shift in young, Black artists who are finally getting their dues as well. Bey added that her mother also instilled confidence and pride in her Blackness growing up in the Knowles household.

    “We saw how beautiful and profound Black women were,” she said. “And how different we were, and how you couldn’t put us in one box. And how it was all Black and beautiful.”

    The EVERYTHING IS LOVE songstress further saluted her mom for not only leading her own entrepreneurial endeavors, but encouraging other young women everywhere to do the same. Her words for Mr. Lawson were just as touching. “She’s found the perfect partner, Richard, who also is just a kind, honest, beautiful human being who also dedicates his life to the wellbeing of these kids.”

    Bey gave us a solid two minutes in the interview—or at least from what’s shown in the clip making rounds on social media—and that’s all the time that the BeyHive needed to go into full nervous breakdown mode over hearing their queen’s voice in its rarest form yet.

    See how they lost it after witnessing Bey’s behind-the-lens conversation and Bey's first on-camera interview in ages below: 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Twitter/ Beyoncé Legion)


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