German Song Accidentally Gets Uploaded To Future’s Spotify Profile


German Song Accidentally Gets Uploaded To Future’s Spotify Profile

This is next level internet comedy.

Published August 13th

Written by Alana Loren Bethea

According to XXLMag, a German song was published onto Atlanta trapateer Future’s Spotify profile. With a piano sample and steady beat, "Ausländer 2" may be in German but when translated to English the man on the mic, Yunus Emre Nalci, is talking about cats, sausages, and yogurt. While we’re sure the FutureHive is always ready for new music from the Dirty Sprite 2 rapper, they probably weren’t expecting anything like this.

As we scratch our heads on how this happened [and who is even rapping], Vice Germany stated that the song was in fact released to 21 million monthly listeners, along with its cover artwork that features a sliced sausage. 

15-year-old parody YouTuber Yunus surely had his weekend of fame as the song’s viewership grew dramatically and revenue went straight into his pockets.

As for whether the upload was a hacking case, the teenager insists otherwise. “I'm pleased about the attention, but it was definitely not hacking,” he stated. In fact, Nalci found out about the mishap the same way Future’s fans did. “I suddenly got a lot of Instagram messages from friends and strangers with screenshots of Future's Spotify profile,” he continued.

Future received commentary as well via Twitter from fans:

The song has since been removed from Future’s Spotify, but for those who missed the hilarious mishap, you can still give it a listen here:

(Photo: Prince Williams/Getty Images)


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