Azealia Banks Threatens To ‘Expose’ Busta Rhymes Over Uncleared Track

Azealia Banks Threatens To ‘Expose’ Busta Rhymes Over Uncleared Track

“Everybody getting violated…Y’all never seen how evil this sh** gets.”

Published April 7th

Written by Danielle Ransom

Harlem MC Azealia Banks is warning Busta Rhymes to clear the air between them before she starts exposing people.

  1. On Monday (April 6), the Harlem-bred rap artist came out of her solitude to issue an ultimatum to some unnamed adversaries in a series of posts in her Instagram Stories obtained by The Jasmine Brand.

    “When this quarantine is over, I’mma f**k a lot of y’all n****s summers up. Everybody getting violated,” she wrote in her Instagram Stories. “I got a long list of n****s who ‘bout to get a surprise. Y’all never seen how evil this s**t gets. I’m not talking about music. I’m coming to SEE you niggas. Each and every last one of you.” 

  2. At the top of her list is Busta. “[Busta Rhymes], you first n**ga,” Banks declared, before advising him to “clear the record before I expose you.” 

    “Don’t act stupid,” she cautioned. “Call @elis and @chepope and get it done in the next five days.” In case it wasn’t clear how serious she was, Azealia reiterated to Busta that she was “not f**king around” and gave him “four days” to get things resolved. It seems her beef with the New York rap icon might stem from their unreleased collaborative effort, “Taste State.” 

    The track was supposed to appear on Azealia’s long-awaited Fantasea II: The Second Wave, per Genius, which had already been delayed multiple times at that point. In 2018, it seemed the album would finally materialize after Azealia unveiled its tracklist. She even previewed a snippet of “Taste State” on social media around June 2018. That following July, Azealia unceremoniously called off the album’s release, as reported by NME, following her controversial Wild ‘N Out appearance. 

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  3. But it now appears Busta pulled his verse at some point, which might have factored into Azealia’s decision to delay her album. Continuing her rant, Azealia vented about behind-the-scenes politics that goes on in the music industry.

    “Y’all don’t get that I seek none of these n****s out. [They] beg me to come to the studio then be on the internet reading blogs like b****es [and] wanna play politics,” she ranted. She stated that Busta first approached her to remix Beyoncé's “Partition,” which came out in 2014.

  4. “I did the remix for him (with no pay) as payment was supposed to be the trade off. He gets the Bey remix [and] I get the verse on my song to use whenever the f**k I please,” she claimed. However, it seems Busta never gave her legal clearance for the verses, although Azealia claimed it was her “intellectual property” as she came up with “parts of his lyrics, cadence, and flow” for his contributions to the track.

    In her last post on the matter, Azealia warned that “this is going to become a big issue for” Busta if he doesn’t clear the song.


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