O.T. Genasis Apologizes To Keyshia Cole And Clarifies He Was Just ‘Joking’ About Remarks About Her On Instagram Live

O.T. Genasis Apologizes To Keyshia Cole And Clarifies He Was Just ‘Joking’ About Remarks About Her On Instagram Live

The Atlanta rapper called for an end to their beef.

Published April 13th

Written by BET Staff

UPDATE (04/14/20): O.T. Genasis is waving the white flag amid his beef with Keyshia Cole after he was met with backlash for his distasteful comments about the R&B songstress on Instagram Live this past weekend.

  1. He posted-and-deleted an apology to the R&B songstress over his behavior. He uploaded a text image that read, “Look [Keyshia], I was really just jokin’ on [that] IG Live s**t…[People] screen record and blow it out of proportion, [and] make a n***ga really look thirsty. I ain’t trippin.” In the post’s caption, he clarified that he “just playing with” Keyshia because she played with him. “It’s all just fun. I apologize if I was disrespectful,” he added. “PS - Just don’t disrespect me neither for yo’ n***a have to carry yo’ weight. #IMDONEWITHTHIS #GETTINGOUTOFHAND.”

    See O.T. Genasis’ apology below:


  2. Original story: The long-standing tension between R&B songstress Keyshia Cole and Cali-born, Atlanta-raised rapper O.T. Genasis is still alive and well. The two have traded shots on social media ever since her disapproval of his off-key rendition to her hit song, “Love.” However, fans believe he may have crossed the line this time with his latest jab at her.

  3. If you’ll recall, the two first clashed over O.T.’s Crip-inspired remix of her R&B classic, “Love,” that he re-titled “Never Knew.” While the R&B singer did express some reservations about O.T.’s remake of her classic song, she opted not to retaliate and temporarily took a break from social media. Meanwhile, O.T.’s video for his rendition was later pulled from YouTube. 

    It seemed things had cooled down between the two, or, at least enough for them to engage in some playful banter over 21 Savage’s recent Instagram Live where he covered some of his favorite R&B cuts. When O.T.  playfully challenged him to a sing-off to see who’s the true “King of R&B”, Cole tossed her support behind 21. O.T. playfully warned her to not “start with [him] again.”

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  4. Now, it seems there’s underlying, unresolved tension as O.T. took their never-ending feud to a new level. While on Instagram Live with his fans, the “Push It” rapper made vulgar and sexist comments about Cole’s personal hygiene, much to the disdain of her fans. Disgusted, Cole took to Twitter to express her frustration over the personal attack. “I’m so .... don’t kno how to feel,” she tweeted. “This tortoise face a**....I can’t.” In a follow-up tweet, she retweeted a comment questioning people who start beef online, but don’t keep that same energy in real life. 

    “Hope this [don’t] go over some of u lame a** turtle head looking a** niggas heads! And hoe a** b***h n***as ain’t exempt,” Cole co-signed the tweet. 

  5. The Twitterverse is now slamming O.T. over the distasteful commentary about Cole as well.

    “The s**t getting disturbing now. Like dawg you a grown a** man and you rap, but now you [known] for mocking R&B singers and dancing at gas stations. Chasing the wrong type of clout my boy,” one person criticized him on Twitter. 

    “[O.T. Genasis] has been bullying Keyshia Cole for months, all because she had a song of hers removed from his YouTube that he used with no permission,” a second chimed in.

    “Smh [Keyshia Cole] must’ve really hurt [O.T. Genasis] feelings when she shut him down or some sh** cause why bruh?” a third posed. 

    See the rest of their reactions below: 


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