Tory Lanez Claims There’s ‘A Lot Of Similarities Between’ Him And Tupac

Tory Lanez Claims There’s ‘A Lot Of Similarities Between’ Him And Tupac

The Canadian artist says he feels like he’s the “spark” that the late rap icon spoke of.

Published April 17th

Written by Danielle Ransom

Rapper Tory Lanez compared himself in an interview to rap icon Tupac Shakur and says there's a reason behind it.

  1. On Thursday (April 16), the Canadian singer and rapper appeared on the latest episode of Genius’ For The Record to discuss his controversial Quarantine Radio show and his new mixtape, The New Toronto 3. During the conversation, host Rob Markman brought up Lanez’s allusion to Tupac on his song, “Adidas,” and asked to elaborate on the reference around the 27-minute mark.

  2. “Remember when Pac was like, ‘I may not change the world, but I can spark the idea in the brain of the person who will? I feel like, deada**, like that ‘spark’ was me. I feel like there's a lot of similarities between me and Pac,” he explained to Markman. The Chixtape rap artist clarified that he’s not trying to put himself on the same level as Tupac. 

  3. Lanez elaborated that he sees similar qualities of the late rapper in how he carries himself.

    “I'm me but I do love Pac and I do feel like there were similarities in the fact when you really think about it, I say whatever the f**k I want to say. N****s hate me for that. Or they love me for it,” he said.  “I'm really just me, but I'm a happy guy. I don't portray [myself as] the most f***ing gangster n***a.”

    “I’m never like that. I get love everywhere I go because I show love everywhere I go,” Lanez continued. “But I feel like, when you really look at, there’s a certain level of bluntness and a certain level of ‘I don’t care, I’mma say this’ that we both share. That’s all I’m saying.”


  4. Continuing that train of thought, Markman noted that Tupac possessed a “duality” in that he could come out with “Keep Ya Head Up” then turn around and drop something like “Hit ‘Em Up.” 

    “That’s what I be [sic] talking about,” Tory co-signed. “I feel like I can make that type of music if I wanted to.”

    Check out the rest of the conversation below: 

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