Ari Lennox Hints At Possible Social Media Hiatus Due To Public Scrutiny

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 18:  Ari Lennox performs at Electric Ballroom on December 18, 2019 in London, United Kingdom.  (Photo by Joseph Okpako/WireImage)

Ari Lennox Hints At Possible Social Media Hiatus Due To Public Scrutiny

“I have to live a lie because people are so judgmental and self righteous.”

Published May 4, 2020

Since emerging at the forefront of R&B with the release of her debut album, Shea Butter Baby, Ari Lennox’s fans have come to love her unapologetic outspokenness on social media just as much as her music. The 29-year old songstress, however, has caught her own fair share of scrutiny over some of her more controversial comments since her breakout onto the scene. She recently expressed some regrets about revealing as much about her personal life as she has online.

  1. Last week, Lennox took to Instagram where she posted a lengthy message along with a throwback photo of herself as a young girl in a since-deleted post.

    “Man, I wish I could start over,” she began. “Go back to this girl. Wish I never showed the world my personality. Wish I never did an IG live. Wish I wasn’t so naive. Wish I never loved as hard as I do. Wish I was smarter. Honestly, [sic] wish this was a world where you could be free and not judged. Where you could speak your mind and people understand context without tearing down people.”

  2. The “BMO” singer went on to say that she initially felt that opening herself up would be beneficial to her career. But, it has proved to be detrimental instead. “I literally can’t be a carefree woman. I have to live a lie because people are so judgemental and self righteous,” she continued. 

    “Like even if I was insecure, that makes people feel good stating that aloud? Even if I was all these things, what’s the point in going out of your way to say it? If I never returned to social media, could it erase everything that happened? No. But, I’m going to try.”

  3. While Lennox didn’t explicitly state she was quitting social media altogether, she expressed that she wants to take some time to focus on her music and not rely so much on social media.

    “If I’m going to be this imperfect woman, I need to be it off the grid, she concluded. “People think the industry is the worst part of being famous. No, it’s the people judging your every move.”

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  4. See Ari Lennox’s full post  below:

(Photo: Joseph Okpako/WireImage)


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