Nas Reveals Why He Didn’t Finish Record With Biggie

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 21: Nas performs during EMBA Fest 2020 at Oakland Arena on February 21, 2020 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Nas Reveals Why He Didn’t Finish Record With Biggie

The legendary rapper delved into the story on The Breakfast Club.

Published August 26th

Written by Danielle Ransom

In a new interview, Nas revealed that he was supposed to record music with Biggie. A collaboration between the two legendary New York rappers has long been speculated over the years. 

Most recently, Nas released his latest album, King’s Disease, which was executive produced by Hit-Boy. He appeared on The Breakfast Club, where he reminisced over some of his favorite stories from his  career. During their conversation, Nas shared with the crew what happened to cause  their collaboration never to see  the light of day. 

“I got too high,” the New York rap icon stated matter-of-factly before delving into the full story around the. 48-minute mark. 

“I was in the studio and Big was rolling up some of that chocolate from Brooklyn and he didn't warn me. I was zonked out, yo. There's pictures of that session out there. Yeah, we was supposed to do a couple of songs. I was gon' remix some stuff for Ready to Die.” 

Nas revealed that one of those records was “Gimme The Loot.” Charlamagne Tha God was astounded by the revelation. “Why not come back the next day?” the radio host wondered. Nas said he was “still high” and, therefore, not in the right state of mind to record. 

“I’m not messing with Big. Man, that smoke. We were smokers and still are, still am,” he continued. Additionally, the 46-year-old was living out on Long Island at the time, which was an additional challenge. Ultimately, Nas didn’t feel like making the trek back into New York City. 

“Coming to the city was like a mission. It was hard to get me to move, man,” he admitted. Unfortunately, Biggie was tragically killed in Los Angeles before a record between the two ever materialized, but hip-hop fans will  long wonder over what could’ve been.

Check out the rest of Nas’ appearance on The Breakfast Club to hear what else he said about his new album, King’s Disease, investing, giving up weed, and more below.

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images


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