Chris Brown Apologizes on 106 & Park: "I'm Disappointed in the Way I Acted"

Chris Brown Apologizes on 106 & Park: "I'm Disappointed in the Way I Acted"

The singer expresses remorse for his outburst at Good Morning America.

Published March 24, 2011

A remorseful Chris Brown showed up at 106 & Park yesterday for his second of three appearances on the show this week to promote his new album F.A.M.E. While there, he apologized for trashing a dressing room after an interview on Good Morning America on Tuesday, telling hosts Terrence and Rocsi, "First of all, I want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office, or anybody who was offended or really looked and [was] disappointed at my actions. Because I'm disappointed in the way I acted."

Although GMA interviewer Robin Roberts claims that Brown and his team knew about her line of questioning about the 2009 domestic violence incident with his former girlfriend Rihanna, Roberts has been lambasted on Twitter by Brown supporters for bringing up the singer's past. Brown told 106 audience members, "I felt like they told us this just so they could get us on the show so they can exploit me. So I took it very, very hard, and I really kinda kept my composure throughout the whole intervie. Although you can see me upset, I kept my composure, I did my performance. And when I got back, I just let off steam. I didn't physically hurt anyone, I didn't try to hurt anyone, I just wanted to release the anger that I had inside me because I felt that I worked so hard for this music, and I felt like people kept just trying to take it away from me."

Brown's fellow musicians, like Diddy, Ray J and Keri Hilson, encouraged Brown via Twitter, telling fans to buy his album and others to stop hating. Even Roberts, in a follow-up statement, said that although she was shocked by his outburst, she had a good relationship with Brown and invited him back to the show.

Watch the entire clip of his apology here.


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Written by Norell Giancana


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