Marques Houston Talks Somebody Help Me 2

Marques Houston Talks Somebody Help Me 2

The film and TV star turned executive producer hopes for a career like Will Smith's.

Published August 17, 2011

Unlike most former boy band members who traded in the music biz for the bright lights of acting, Marques Houston has been juggling both careers since a youth. The 30-year-old former Sister, Sister star's latest film, Somebody Help Me 2—which continues the tale of four friends on the run from a crazed killer—has just been released this week on DVD. Houston told this installment of the franchise, which also stars former B2K member Omarion, is just as big of a thrill ride as the first.


Somebody Help Me 2 takes place three years later after the original film. My character Brendan is married now with a family and we’re living in L.A.,” says Houston. “But this crazy guy Corbin finds us again and he’s back with a vengeance because we got away [the first time]. It’s more suspenseful with a shocking surprise ending.”


The former Immature/IMx member is temporarily putting his music career on hold to forge ahead with his film and television work both as an actor and behind the scenes as an executive producer.

“Being an EP is really fun, I enjoy it. It’s a different job with different pressures," he says. "I have a few television shows that I’m executive producing. I’m also producing movies and starring in them as well. You’ll be seeing them pretty soon. I’m trying to do my Will Smith and Jamie Foxx thing.”


Somebody Help Me 2 is now available on DVD.

(Photo: Brad Barket/PictureGroup)

Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves


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