Regina Hall Weighs In on the War of the Sexes

Regina Hall Weighs In on the War of the Sexes

The Think Like a Man star says men are sometimes ruled by their pants.

Published April 11, 2012


In the new romantic comedy Think Like a Man, Regina Hall plays Candace, a young, vibrant, single mom looking for love with Michael, a sweet, perennial mama’s boy portrayed by Terrance J. In the film, she uses the Steve Harvey book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man on which the movie is based, as her bible. But the 41-year-old currently single actress says in real life her love advice source is a little closer to home.



“My brother always says to me stop asking your girlfriends for relationship advice on men — ask me,” Hall told “I’ve made like ten hundred mistakes, then I’ll call my brother and go, ‘John! What do you think?’ And he would be like, ‘No!’ And it will make perfect sense to him.”



The Scary Movie star admits she has mixed feelings about the truthfulness of Harvey’s New York Times bestseller. “I agree with some things in the book, but you know I’m a woman and there are some things that I’m just annoyed are true,” she says. But she believes the age-old issues between men and women simply boil down to how oppositely the genders view love. “Men think differently and it’s annoying. If you ask three men the exact same thing, [regardless of] age and race, there’s a general answer that they all have that’s so gender specific. A penis affects the brain.”



Hall’s storyline in the movie, as per Harvey’s advice in the book, is that if a single mom meets a potential mate she should introduce her suitor to her children immediately. But the actress, who has no children, says it’s definitely an area she’d handle differently.



“I wouldn't instinctually think like that as a woman and a mother. I would be more protective. More like, ‘You can’t meet my child until I know where this is going,’” says Hall. “And if I were giving advice to a girlfriend I’d say, 'No, you’ve only been out with him three times, you can’t let him meet your kid yet.'”



But Hall, who's been tapped to play the love interest of Martin Lawrence’s single dad character in his upcoming CBS sitcom pilot, says one of the places where fiction and reality shared common ground in Think Like a Man was the camaraderie among the all-star cast.



“Everyone on this film genuinely liked each other. I loved Taraji [P. Henson], I truly loved the director, Tim Story, and the crew,” she gushes. “I was really happy to be there from the moment we got to our trailers, went to hair and makeup, to the time in between scenes. It was all fun.”




Think Like a Man hits theaters April 20.

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Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves


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