Top Black Actresses of all Time

Top Black Actresses of all Time

We always hear about the success of Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy. 

Published February 10, 2009

We always hear about the success of Will Smith , Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy .  However, who are the top black actresses of all time *according to their box office gross*?  Check out the official list below.
10. Jennifer Hudson (3 films)
To have only been in three films and manage to be one of the top black actresses of all time is amazing for Oscar, Grammy, SAG and Golden Globe winner Jennifer Hudson.  The woman definitely has a long career ahead of her.

Lifetime gross: $293,750,056
#1 movie: Sex and the City $152,647,258

9. Beyonce Knowles (5 films)
abey1The singer turned actresses has only been in five films, but Austin Powers in Goldmember racked in over $200 million, placing Sasha Fierce at number 8.

Lifetime gross: $437.3 (5 films)
#1 movie: Austin Powers in Goldmember $213.3

8. Thandie Newton (22 films)

The UK actress has always been known for her respectable and critically acclaimed roles. From Beloved to Mission Impossible, Newton is a mainstay in cinema from Hollywood to London.

Lifetime gross:$664.9
#1 movie: Mission: Impossible II $215.4

7. Nia Long (22 films)

The Brooklyn born Nia Long has worked with Whoopi Goldberg, Jude Law and Will Smith. She ranks #6.

Lifetime gross: $691,414,242
#1 movie: Big Momma's House (1999) $117.6

6. Angela Bassett (24 films)

The Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy nominee has become one of the world's most highly respected actresses for films like What's Love Got To Do With It?, Waiting To Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

Lifetime gross: $750,045,528 (24 films)
#1 movie: The Score (2001) $71.1

5. Regina King (18 films)
While she is considered one of the most underrated actresses of this generation, her box office numbers proves she is a draw.  According to, Her films have grossed more than Kate Winslet, Terrence Howard and Jodie Foster.

Lifetime gross: $1,050,799,524
#1 movie: Jerry Maguire $274,000,000

4. Jada Pinkett Smith (21 films)

Jada Pinkett Smith has a diverse range of films from the hood classic Menace II Society to The Matrix.  She manages to rank at #4.

Lifetime gross: $$1,417,189,353
#1 movie: The Matrix Reloaded $281.6

3. Queen Latifah (28 films)

Queen Latifah is an Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner. Credited for 26 films and starring in 13, Latifah's biggest paycheck was 10 million for Beauty Shop in 2005. At this rate,  the Newark native could easily become the top black actress of all time.

Lifetime gross: $$1,431,366,338
#1 movie: Ice Age 2 $195.3

2. Halle Berry (27 films)
It might surprise some people that  Halle Berry isn't the top grossing black actress of all time.  She's had six movies that grossed over 100 million and received 14million dollars to star in Catwoman, which was an international bomb.  Nonetheless, she was the first black woman to receive this much for a film.

Lifetime gross: $1,592,734,690
#1 movie: X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) $234.4

1.  Whoopi Goldberg (46 films)

The Oscar-winner for Ghost has been a movie star since 1985. She is credited for 46 films and at the peak of Whoopi's career she was paid 7 million for her role in 1993's Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

Lifetime gross: $1,800,253,561
#1 movie: The Lion King (1994) $312,900,000

All numbers are from , and .

* All numbers are approximate.

Written by Clay Cane


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