Tamar Braxton Got Next?

Tamar Braxton Got Next?

Move over Toni, lil' sister wants to make it big on her own.

Published May 5, 2011

It’s no secret the youngest of the Braxton sisters wants to see her name in lights. Tamar, known for her catchy dot-com and dot-org phrases, has made it clear on Braxton Family Values that she has had enough of singing background for Toni Braxton. 

“I am 100 percent ready!” she told Black Enterprise magazine when asked if she’s ready to shine in the music industry on her own. However, the road to solo stardom hasn’t been easy for the show’s drama queen. “My biggest challenge [in the music biz] has been that everybody expects me to sound like Toni Braxton,” she says. “I wasn’t changing [for anyone]. I don’t want to sing R&B. I love rap, house—music of today that’s really poppin’!”

Tamar also admits to getting a nose job. "I believe in plastic surgery or anything you have to do to make yourself feel good. I’m all about self-esteem.”

So when will Tamar's time come? “I can’t predict the future,” she says. “But right now I’m enjoying the time that me and my sisters are spending re-learning each other as adults.”

Until she catches her big break, we’ll just sit back and enjoy the antics offered by the fierce, talented Braxton sisters.


(Photo: Tony DiMaio/Retna)

Written by Kittrina Thompson


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