J. Crew Says Michelle Obama Is Their "Most Incredible Gift"

Michelle Obama in J. Crew

J. Crew Says Michelle Obama Is Their "Most Incredible Gift"

They have reaped in the benefits of the first lady's love for the brand.

Published February 21, 2012

(Photo:  NBC)

Michelle Obama's love for J. Crew has not gone unnoticed by the brand and the retail company has been reaping the benefits for years. From the moment the first lady appeared before the public wearing green gloves from J. Crew for her husband's inauguration and had their daughters don coats from Crewcuts by J. Crew, we knew her fashion sense would be more accessible than the ladies that had come before her.

J. Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons says Obama's affinity for the label is "the most incredible gift that keeps on giving."

“She doesn’t call in any special favors. They don’t ask for any discounts. It’s pretty unbelievable,” Lyons told ABC. “She still continues to wear the product without any help from us … They go to our website and they purchase just like anybody else.”

After she appeared on The Tonight Show in 2008 wearing a yellow sweater, skirt and blouse from J. Crew, the company's stock went up 8.2 percent. Lyons also says this has helped create a bond between the first lady and their customers.

“The fact that they had something they had, that they owned a sweater that Michelle wore. For a lot of people, it’s been an incredible point of connection, a way for them to connect to her through us,” she said.

Have you always been a fan of J. Crew? Or did the first lady make their collections more appealing to you? Sound off in the comments!

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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