Commentary: Miley Cyrus Doesn't Need Clothes to Cover Rolling Stone

Miley Cyrus, Rolling Stone cover

Commentary: Miley Cyrus Doesn't Need Clothes to Cover Rolling Stone

How the singer managed to eek out a little more controversy.

Published September 26, 2013

(Photo: Rolling Stone Magazine, October 2013)

Lately in pop culture there have been two guaranteed targets for angry hoards of Internet commenters and Facebook timeline updaters: Rolling Stone magazine and Miley Cyrus. Anyone still losing their minds about the Jahar Tsarnaev cover can now turn their venom to this week's, featuring everyone's favorite turned-out former Disney star.

When it was time to decide who should grace Rolling Stone's annual Hot List issue, not surprisingly they went for the young woman bold (and hot?) enough to prance around in a flesh-toned rubber bikini at the VMAs. Miley opted not to bend over in a twerk-ready pose for her first RS cover, and instead proved that she can get our attention again by getting naked. Foam finger and wrecking ball aside, Miley accessorizes with artfully smudged black eyeliner. There is also side boob and slicked back hair and, of course, her tongue licking her own shoulder, because that's what hot people do, right?

Plus, this is the Hot List issue and Miley is required to deliver hotness. Hence the requisite topless shots and "Surprise! You caught me in the shower rubbing on my breasts" photo.

Cries of concern and "put some clothes on!" were heard from the blogosphere yesterday when the mag hit newsstands. It's almost like everyone forgot that, lately, Miley isn't all that into clothes...and magazines like Rolling Stone never have been when they want women to look sexy. So maybe the pissed off should calm down, rejoicing that at least she was on the cover alone and not adorned with a backdrop of stuffed animals and Black women. 

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Written by Ayana Byrd


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