Lil Wayne Breaks Down Problems With QD3 Documentary

Lil Wayne Breaks Down Problems With QD3 Documentary

Published April 28, 2010

Lil Wayne still has issues with "The Carter" documentary.

Directed by Adam Bhala Lough and produced by Quincy Jones III, the film was never approved by Weezy, leaving him uneasy about the release of the project this past November.

The documentary highlighted Weezy's process of recording his multplatinum project, "The Carter 3." In addition, the world was given an inside look at Wayne's excessive marijuana and cough syrup addictions.

In an interview with Ozone Magazine, Weezy finally opened up about several discrepancies with the documentary. "The fact that we didn’t want it released was business, paperwork," Mr. Carter explained. "I feel like, if I agreed to have that camera around me, then I can’t tell that person what to edit when they go to the editing room, unless I am in the editing room and editing with them.

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Written by Nile Ivey, Staff


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