Mariah and Nick Pose for Nude Artsy Photos

Mariah and Nick Pose for Nude Artsy Photos

But the father-to-be is already regretting the sexy pictures.

Published April 5, 2011

Imagine you're a child who's brought home a friend to play with. Now imagine having to explain to this little friend - and everyone else you ever decide to invite over - why on earth your daddy's bare naked booty is framed on the wall for all to see. That's the issue that's troubling Nick Cannon's mind these days.

The actor and his wifey Mariah Carey are expecting twins in just a few weeks and to commemorate the impending milestone, they decided to pose for a set of nude yet tasteful photos. The pictures, meant to be their family portrait, now hangs in their Los Angeles home, but Cannon is already dreading the moment his son and daughter realize that seeing nude photos of their parents is a wee bit strange.

"My children are going to have to see these pictures," he said Tuesday on his radio show "Rollin' With Nick Cannon." "It's a little weird. I mean, have you ever seen your parents naked?"

Feeling uncomfortable with the thought of small children being exposed to nudity from such a young age, he went on to wonder, "Is this something I really want my children to see? As they grow older or their friends come over and go, 'Your daddy's butt naked! I'm a little uncomfortable with that. I don't want my naked booty out there for everybody to see they walk into the house."

But apparently he's completely okay with sharing his exhibitionist side with the rest of us because what started as "We might put them on a magazine" turned into a "You will get to see them!" by the end of his show. Wonderful. We can hardly wait, Nick...

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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