Johnny Gill Sued Over Twitter Accusation

Johnny Gill Sued Over Twitter Accusation

CEO of singer's label claims he defamed her character in online rant.

Published August 12, 2011

My, my, my how powerful words can be. Johnny Gill is being taught a lesson about the thin line between freedom of speech and slander now that Ira DeWitt, wife of St. Louis Cardinals owner Bill Dewitt and CEO of Gill's record label, is suing the former New Edition singer for calling her "f--king nuts" on Twitter.


The controversy centers around the release of a leaked song that Gill claims was intentionally leaked by Mrs. DeWitt.

"I have every reason to believe ira from the record company put this song out might cry with unfinished vocal from me," Gill tweeted. "That is not on my cd."

According to TMZ, DeWitt filed the lawsuit Thursday [Aug. 11] in L.A. County Superior Court. The music executive claims that Gill's accusations are false and seeks an unspecified amount of money, claiming that the defamatory statements the singer has made publicly against her have damaged her reputation.


(Photo: Brad Barket/PictureGroup)

Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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