T.I. Talks Prison Experience

T.I. Talks Prison Experience

The Atlanta rapper admits he was involved in a prison scrap.

Published October 19, 2011

T.I. has been understandably mum about the gritty, day-to-day details of his 10 months behind bars, but in an interview with radio shock jock Howard Stern on Tuesday (October 18) he opened up about one violent, previously unarticulated aspect of prison life. Probed about whether or not he had gotten into a fight while in jail, T.I. admitted that he had.


The ATL rapper recalled a fight that went down in the bathroom, away from the watchful eye of guards and surrounded by fellow inmates who served as spectators. 


"Guys from your side and guys from their side," he said. While he didn't elaborate about the particulars of his own scrap, when asked who would throw the first punch in such a scenario, T.I. didn't skip a beat. "Hopefully you," he said. 


T.I. was released from an Arkansas federal prison in late August after serving time for a probation violation.

Written by BET-Staff


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