Thirteen Year Old’s College Acceptance Rescinded

Thirteen Year Old’s College Acceptance Rescinded

University of Connecticut rescinds offer to 13-year-old, telling Autum Ashante that she was not academically ready.

Published July 5, 2011

(Photo: Batin Ashante)

Autum Ashante, a 13-year-old who speaks Arabic, Swahili and Spanish and scored a 149 on her IQ test (higher than most college students), was heading to the University of Connecticut this fall as an undergrad—until the school rescinded her acceptance last week.


In June, the school confirmed that Autum had been accepted, but officials were still waiting for the family to enroll. On Thursday, however, Autum’s father said the school called to tell her that they now felt that she was not academically ready.


Ashante’s father tells the Daily News that his daughter is “devastated.”


"I'm fed up. They have insulted us and the work that we've put in," he said. "I'm not sure I want her to be involved with an institution that treats her like that."

The teen had notified the school that she would be attending and the family was raising funds for her tuition.


UConn is saying something slightly different, however. The school said that Autum never enrolled for the fall, writes the Hartford Courant.


Stay tuned, as will be covering the next steps in Autum’s education journey.


Written by Danielle Wright


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