Watch: Girlfriend of Philando Castile Wanted Video to Go Viral

Watch: Girlfriend of Philando Castile Wanted Video to Go Viral

And gives time she was actually released from police custody.

Published July 7, 2016

Philando Castile's girlfriend, Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds, live streamed the moments after he was shot by police in Minnesota. Now that the video has garnered national attention, Reynolds is speaking out as to what she was hoping to accomplish in filming the ordeal. 

Reynolds claimed in another video that she had hoped that video would go viral so that people could see exactly what kinds of actions the police took towards Black people. In the video captured, Reynolds clasps her chest as she says "[the police] are taking innocent people away from their families, and it's not OK."

She continues to say that the police detained her and did not allow her to come home until 5 a.m. After she emotionally explains that she was separated from her daughter, people next to her can be heard sighing in disbelief. 

She was also not able to see the body of her boyfriend at all, just as his mother and uncle were not able to see him. 

Reynolds hoped that this video would allow people to see that "the police are not here to serve and protect," contrary to what many believe. 

A more detailed video of Reynolds can be seen below. 

Written by Rachel Herron


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