UPDATE: 'Hero Inmate' Who Beat up Dylann Roof Released On $100K Bond

UPDATE: 'Hero Inmate' Who Beat up Dylann Roof Released On $100K Bond

A crowdsourcing fundraiser helped him go free.

Published August 5, 2016

The man accused of attacking Dylann Roof has been released due to crowdsourced fundraising effort.

The past two days have been quite the rollercoaster for Dwayne Stafford, who has now been released on bond due to a generous crowdsourcing effort.

As reported, just over 24 hours after a widespread call on social media helping raise bail money in support of his taking action against Roof, Stafford was released just before 8:30PM last night (August 5).

His bond was set at more than $100,000.

See original story for more details on the alleged assault and social media's reaction below.


Over a year after Dylan Roof opened fire in a historically Black church and killed nine innocent men and women, he continues to sit in prison where he will likely stay for the rest of his life — unless of course, he is sentenced to death. While security at Cannon Detention Center has tried to keep Roof safe from the many inmates who would likely be happy to serve him a dose of justice, one man, Dwayne Stafford, was able to do what so many others dreamed would happen to Roof.

Stafford, who is being held on a strong armed robbery charge, was able to exit his locked cell door and approach Roof as he was about to take a shower at approximately 7:45 a.m. He then attacked Roof with his fists, causing bruising around his face and back. No weapons were used, but Stafford was able to give Roof a thorough beatdown.

In return, many have taken to social media to hail Stafford as a hero and even started to raise money to cover his legal fees and a few extra snacks from commissary. 

Even though he has not been charged with any additional crimes, Stafford could still face internal disciplinary action as a result of the assault.

On Twitter, though, Stafford is being hailed as a hero, with many encouraging supporters to add money to his commissary. Some are even asking for a reduced sentence. 

While it's unlikely Stafford will be getting a reduced sentence after his "good deed," hopefully he'll be able to enjoy the extra snacks from those who salute him.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photos from Left: Charleston County Detention Center, Charleston County Sheriff's Office via Getty Images)


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