Look: This Teen’s Senior Photos Were So Fierce, Even Zendaya Took Notice

090616-national-teens-senior-photos-make-zendaya-praise-James-Charles (Photo: James Charles via Instagram)

Look: This Teen’s Senior Photos Were So Fierce, Even Zendaya Took Notice

When your highlight is so lit it starts trending.

Published September 6, 2016

Typically, when a senior in high school requests to retake their yearbook photo, it’s because they blinked, sneezed or had a ghastly pimple. But have you ever heard of someone retaking a photo because their highlighter did not pop enough?

Well, aspiring makeup artist and student James Charles did exactly that. When the 17-year-old first took his senior yearbook photos, he was less than impressed with the outcome.

Charles said he realized the “lighting was not ideal for my makeup so all my hard work at 7am didn’t pay off.”

So he decided to contact the photo company and request a do-over, only this time he wanted to bring his own ring light. The company agreed and scheduled a time for Charles to retake his photos.

This time, Charles mounted his own ring light on a tripod to make sure that his beautiful, beat face would be 100% accentuated.

Charles even let his friend Delaney sit in for a funny friend shot. Once he received both images, he excitedly posted the photos to Twitter and the whole world gave praise. 

Even popular young star Zendaya commented on the photo (and that girl knows a beat face when she sees one). 

Zendaya’s mention was enough to make Charles completely freak out.

“I screamed,” Charles said. “She’s one of my biggest idols. I love her and she’s so beautiful… I really wanna do her makeup one day or just hang with her in general, she seems so rad.”

Charles has been practicing makeup for about a year, and from the looks of it, his future will be full of highlighter, contour and eyebrows for days.

Check out the best reactions to James Charles’s photos below.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: James Charles via Instagram)


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