Watch: This White Man's Dope Black History Tattoos Will Make You Smile

Close up of tattooist hand dipping tattoo gun's needle into red ink (Photo: Romona Robbins Photography/Getty Images)

Watch: This White Man's Dope Black History Tattoos Will Make You Smile

Woke as hell.

Published October 3, 2016

Tattoo art is a way that millions around the world choose to express themselves and the things that are important to them. 

Now, a new video posted to social media shows one white man's commitment to racial equality and Civil Rights through his ink. The video takes place at what appears to be a dentist's office and the dental technician loved the statement so much, he had to Snapchat it.

"So this is my patient, he's a super cool dude," the young man recording the video said. He then goes on to show the smiling white man with tattoos of Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and John Lewis on his arm.

He continued to show a tattoo of a silhouette picture of the march from Selma to Montgomery. "How many Caucasian men do you know have Black history tatted on them?" The man recording the video asked. 

#PressPlay: His tattoos are so dope! #BlackHistory #TSRTattz

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While most tattoos are probably decided on in a snap judgement, or on an alcohol-fueled dare, it's clear that this man has given a lot of careful thought to what art he puts on his body, and we approve!

We're can't wait to see what the next addition will be.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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