Look: This Group Says Facebook Is Censoring The Accounts of Black and Trans Activists

Look: This Group Says Facebook Is Censoring The Accounts of Black and Trans Activists

An ugly intersection of social media and social justice.

Published October 9, 2016

Change.org petition is putting social media giant Facebook on blast for censoring accounts of Black and Trans activists.

The criteria of the petition, identified as a group of activists from upstate New York, listed the many actions Facebook has allegedly tried to silence Black and Trans voices.

"POC activists having posts removed for calling out racism, Trans and GNC individuals STILL being forced to use their 'dead name' or risk having their accounts banned, Black and Brown individuals receiving lengthy bans for questionable offenses and/or unspecified violations of Facebook's 'community standards,'" the petition reads. The alleged offenses also include "the closing of Korryn Gaine's Facebook account moments before her murder by Baltimore County Police."

The list also includes Facebook allowing racist comments and messages to flood the platform, banning prominent activist Shaun King for sharing racist messages sent to him, allowing threats and depictions of violence to remain published, and removing bans that are flagged by white supremacist groups or law enforcement agendas.

The petition continues, "At best, Facebook is arbitrarily applying its community standards unequally across its user base. At worst, Facebook is intentionally imposing vague community standards on Black and trans activists to silence our voices; frequently at the behest of law enforcement."
These allegations are incredibly serious, and while it is hard to imagine Facebook would admit to these kind of practices, as of now the petition only needs 1,178 more signatures to complete the necessary 5,000 to force a response from "the five white cisgender individuals currently serving as top level Facebook executives: Mark Zuckerberg (CEO), Sheryl Sandberg (COO), Mike Schroepfer (CTO), David Wehner (CFO), and Chris Cox (CPO)."

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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