These White Women Wore Trump Hats To Howard University And Tried To Play Victim After Getting Called Out

These White Women Wore Trump Hats To Howard University And Tried To Play Victim After Getting Called Out

"You came to an HBCU and openly supported a racist, what did you expect?"

Published August 21st

In light of recent events, Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" hats have become taboo to wear in public. Even once proud Trump supporter Caitlyn Jenner apologized for wearing the hat while cruising in her convertible. So why is that two white teenage girls thought it would be a good idea to wear the hat to the mecca of HBCUs: Howard University.

During a tour of Washington, D.C., two high schools visited the Historically Black University for lunch. Instead of coming as visitors who wanted to appreciate the culture of the campus, two students came with the intention of starting trouble.

  1. The two girls took photos of themselves on Howard's campus with the MAGA hats

    Given the recent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville and President Trump's subsequent speech wherein he blamed "both sides," it should come as no surprise that the MAGA hat is a symbol of white nationalism.

    When the girls walked around Howard's campus with their hats on full display, the students did not respond kindly to the presence of someone who supports a neo-Nazi sympathizer. Howard is an HBCU and is a safe space for students of color to study without the fear of racism.

  2. 'Allie Vandee' then posted a lengthy note wherein she victimized herself and her friend Sarah
  3. Allie then involved herself in a heated debate with people who tried to explain why their hats received a strong reaction
  4. Some students who saw the girls posted photos on social media
  5. Which prompted others to question whether the university took action
  6. Howard University issued a response which both acknowledged their belief in freedom of thought and the institution's right to their own values

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Kate Patterson for The Washington Post via Getty Images)


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