Keaton Jones' Father Is A White Supremacist With 'Pure Breed' And 'Crazy White Boy' Gang Tattoos Who Is Now In Jail For Aggravated Assault

On Jan. 30, 2001, the state of Georgia changed it's flag, removing the large Confederate battle cross from the 1956 design and replacing it with the state seal of Georgia. The controversial Confederate symbol is still a source of friction in Georgia. It is viewed by some as reminder of slavery and segregation, and by others as emblem of Southern heritage.

Keaton Jones' Father Is A White Supremacist With 'Pure Breed' And 'Crazy White Boy' Gang Tattoos Who Is Now In Jail For Aggravated Assault

The racist affiliations of this family have many urging any donations be sent to legitimate anti-bullying organizations.

Published December 13, 2017

As more details surrounding the family of bullied middle schooler Keaton Jones emerge, the alleged racist tendencies of his parents are becoming less of a question. Most recently, a report by TMZ found Keaton’s estranged father is a white supremacist who is currently in jail for assault. 

First, the beliefs of the family were called into question when photos of Keaton’s mother holding a Confederate flag went viral. Also, Kimberly Jones allegedly made several Facebook posts bashing Black Lives Matter and those who protested the Confederate flag. However, she appeared on the morning news circuit where she called the images “ironic” and said anyone who knows her knows she isn’t a racist.

OK, even if that were true, her affiliation with Keaton’s father has certainly raised more doubts.

According to TMZ, Shawn White, Keaton’s estranged father, has posted many white supremacist memes on his Facebook, including one that reads “Aryan pride,” and another that has a photo of a polar bear with the text “Holy f**k I love being white.” 

  1. Additionally, photos from White’s Facebook profile show the 36-year-old has tattoos that read “Pure breed” across his chest and “White pride” across his stomach. He also has a “CWB” tattoo on his neck, which is affiliated with the white supremacist gang “Crazy White Boy.”

    White has been in Knox County Jail since May 2015 on charges of  probation violation related to a 2012 aggravated assault conviction. He is scheduled to get out in 2018.

    The last time he reportedly saw Keaton was in 2015. 

  2. Upon hearing of Keaton's father, people have no doubts the family was at least affiliated with racism
  3. Others are urging people who want to make donations to send money to certified anti-bullying campaigns

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Steve Schaefer/Getty Images)


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