Mark Anthony Conditt Named As Suspected White Terrorist Responsible For Austin’s Serial Bombings

Mark Anthony Conditt Named As Suspected White Terrorist Responsible For Austin’s Serial Bombings

The 24-year-old killed himself in a suicidal explosion amid a police chase.

Published March 21, 2018

The suspected white terrorist assumed to be responsible for a series of package bombs that targeted Black families in Austin blew himself up early Wednesday during a pursuit by police.

According to law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation, the suspect was identified as 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt, reported NBC News.

Over the last 24 to 36 hours, authorities in Texas had narrowed their search of the suspect and located Conditt at a hotel in the Austin suburb of Round Rock, said Police Chief Brian Manley at a news conference. While police waited for ballistic vehicles to arrive at the hotel, the suspect began to drive away, which prompted a police chase. Eventually, Conditt’s vehicle stopped in a ditch on the side of the road, the police chief said.

When a SWAT team approached Conditt’s vehicle, an explosive device detonated inside the vehicle, the police chief said. The blast knocked back one officer, while a second officer fired his weapon, Manley said.

Conditt was killed in the blast.

Authorities said it was too soon to say if Conditt worked alone. They also said they don't know his motive.

  1. Photos of Conditt began to circulate on social media
  2. Surveillance video from an Austin FedEx store captured the suspect dropping off two packages
  3. After the fatal explosion, police examined the suspect's car

    Although the suspect is dead, police don't know if there are other packages still at large. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has warned people in Texas to remain vigilant. 

    “We don’t know if there are any other bombs out there and, if so, how many or where they may be,” Abbott told Fox & Friends. 

    “We need to go throughout the day and make sure we rule out whether anybody else was involved in this process,” he added.

    Conditt was a resident of the Texas city of Pflugerville, where he lived with two roommates.

Written by Rachel Herron



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