‘Hotel Rwanda’ Inspiration Paul Rusesabagina Found Guilty Of Terrorism Charges

He is known for his actions during the Rwandan genocide.

The Tulsa Race Massacre 100 Years Later: Why Descendants Are Demanding Reparations For The Racial Terrorism Their Ancestors Faced

Descendants of the victims explain why restitution is owed.

Homeland Security Issues Bulletin Warning Of Potential Threat From Domestic Violence Extremists

Officials are concerned about the possibly more danger.

White Supremacist Groups Behind Plot To Kidnap Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Group of 13 men in plot were linked to racist organizations

New FBI Report Reveals Significant Rise In White Supremacist Domestic Terrorism Cases In Recent Months

The agency has 850 open investigations.

Coast Guard Officer Who Aimed To Insight A ‘Race War’ Released From Detention

Christopher Hasson had an arsenal of weapons.

Christchurch Suspect Brenton Tarrant Spewed Hate Online To Radicalize Others; Called Trump A ‘Symbol Of White Supremacy’

49 people were killed in the attack.

Coast Guard Officer Allegedly Planned White Supremacist Terror Attack ‘On A Scale Rarely Seen’

Officials found 15 guns and over 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

#MAGABomber Suspect Cesar Sayoc Jr. Arrested By Police For Sending Explosives To Trump Critics

The Republican was in a white van plastered with Trump.

Muslim Woman Says TSA Forced Her To Show Her Bloody Pad During Private Body Search

Zainab Merchant filed a complaint against the DHS.