3-Year-Old Girl Killed In Shooting After Facebook Fight Escalated to Drive-by

3-Year-Old Girl Killed In Shooting After Facebook Fight Escalated to Drive-by

Police believe Martin Evenes was targeting a friend of Livia Robinson's mother.

Published April 6, 2018

In March, a drive-by shooting in Huntsville, Alabama, killed a 3-year-old girl standing in front of the screen door to her home. Now, investigators have reason to believe the shooting came resulted from a Facebook fight over a joke, according to recent court testimony.

Livia Robinson was at home with her mother, father and her mother’s friend Ashley Brown. While Livia was standing at the screen door and her mother stood behind her, multiple shots were fired, reported AL.com.

One bullet struck a metal piece on the door, deflected in the air and fatally struck Livia, an investigator testified in court Wednesday. Livia's father, Leonard Robinson, told police he heard the gunfire but didn't know his daughter was hit until she walked over towards the couch and collapsed. Livia was bleeding from a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Martin Evenes (pictured left), Dominique Russell (pictured middle) — both 26 — and Brittany Kingston (pictured right), 27, were charged for Robinson’s killing.

An investigator identified Evenes as the shooter, Russell as the driver, and Kingston as a passenger.

Although investigators were previously unsure of the motive, they recently testified Ashley Brown, Livia’s mother’s friend, was the target. Brown, who has a child with Evenes, was the target after an argument on Facebook.

Huntsville police Investigator Frank Rosler testified Evenes had jokingly posted on Facebook that his new girlfriend, Kingston, had assaulted him. The Facebook post was sent to Brown, who then began an argument with Kingston. The fight escalated to include Evenes, as well as Livia's mother, Demetrius McComb, the investigator testified. The arguing continued throughout the day until the drive-by shooting occurred.

If convicted of capital murder, the suspects face either the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Madison County Jail)


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