White Lady Who Called Cops On Boy For Mowing Lawns Called On Him Again For Playing On Slip 'N Slide

White Lady Who Called Cops On Boy For Mowing Lawns Called On Him Again For Playing On Slip 'N Slide

Reggie Fields and others were celebrating the 4th of July when police arrived.

Published July 9, 2018

The 12-year-old Black boy who had police called on him for mowing a lawn had police called on him by the same white couple on the 4th of July.

On Wednesday, Reggie Fields, his family and others were at the home of Lucille Holt-Colden, who hired Reggie to mow the lawn. At one point during the holiday, Reggie and his friends were playing on a makeshift Slip 'N Slide when Holt-Colden’s white neighbors, Randy and Linda Krakora, called the police, according to Mic.com.

“We have always been told by the police that if we feel threatened, ‘Don’t confront these people, just call us,’” Linda Krakora said, according to Mic. “We’re a slightly older couple. We have a white couple in their eighties next to us. If we feel it’s going to be more of an issue to go over trying to talk to somebody, for our safety, we just call the police.”

Apparently the Krakoras often feel threatened, because they’ve called police over 60 times in the last 18 years, Mic reports.

Holt-Colden uploaded another video to Facebook on July 4 when two police cars showed up to her house.

“We’re fed up; totally ridiculous,” Holt-Colden exclaimed in the video. “Police [are] being called because the kids are playing in water. Maple Heights Police, you ain’t got nothing else better to do, do you?! Mayor, what you gon’ do?!

Maple Heights Police Lt. Joe Mocsiran said the Krakoras are not doing anything wrong as long as the family is using the non-emergency line.

“There’s only a law for abuse of 911 and that’s if there’s no law actually broken,” Mocsiran told Mic. “If there’s no laws being broken [by the Krakoras], there’s nothing we can do.”

The Krakoras also opened up about the backlash they’ve received from the first time they called police.

“We’ve seen this community change,” Linda Krakora said. “If we were racists, we would have moved out of Maple Heights a long time ago, but we didn’t. We stayed.”

Unfortunately, Lucille Holt-Colden, who has lupus, may now be the one to move somewhere else.

“What about my kids? Who’s going to stand up for my kids? People say don’t move,” she told Mic. “Your kids ain’t the one feeling like they can’t do nothing at their own house.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Sven Kaspers / EyeEm / Getty Images)


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