Dear Megyn Kelly, The Becky Blame Game For Your Blackface Comments Isn't Cutting It

MEGYN KELLY TODAY -- Pictured: Megyn Kelly on Monday, October 1, 2018 -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

Dear Megyn Kelly, The Becky Blame Game For Your Blackface Comments Isn't Cutting It

So save the fake #metoo boo hoo and get to steppin’

Published October 30th

I’m pretty certain the highest ranking costume of Halloween ‘18 will be, “The Racially Insensitive White Person” better known as Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly, a former NBC Today show host, was recently fired for making racially insensitive comments OK’ing people wearing Blackface for Halloween. On her show, with a panel of all white guests (oh goody, a diverse group!), they discussed what were now considered banned costumes due to their cultural insensitivities. Megyn began to DEFEND wearing Blackface for Halloween costumes by making references to how kids dressed when she was young. She flat out thought there was nothing wrong with someone being in “Blackface” yet compared it to being as “jarring” as a costume with a fake bloody axe coming out of someone’s head. Yeah, Megyn, or a rope over your throat.

This same conversation came up between a group of friends of mine over the weekend when we all attended a Halloween party. My fiance and I (two card carrying Black people) dressed up as Sunny Bono and Cher. However, since my fiance and Ike Turner share the same complexion people mistook us for Ike and Tina all evening. When you Google photos of both Sunny Bono and Ike Turner they actually DO have similar hair/facial hair and wardrobe style. We laughed that the white people who saw us instantly knew we were Sunny and Cher, but the Black people assumed we were the latter and we rolled with whatever people guessed, because it wasn’t that serious.

Too bad Megyn didn’t share the same sentiment. She tried to justify her opinion on Blackface by using the example of a cast member from Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New York” who was under fire for a problematic Diana Ross Halloween costume. The white New York housewife darkened her skin and Kelly saw absolutely nothing wrong with that. Meantime, shout outs to panelist Jacob Soboroff for literally saying on Megyn’s live show… “sounds a little racist to me” as a direct response to the real housewife’s real tacky take on Diana. It is unsettling how white women love going tanning, love curly hair, “boxer” braids, corn “rolls,” lip injections and black men, but largely and most particularly love pulling the shit out of that white privilege Becky feminism card from the deck if and when need be to defend their racism. The most, “I’ll cut your ‘possible’ book with a low spade” in all of white people history. I suppose when you’re always the suppressor your only societal  disadvantage and way of playing victim is by pulling the #MeToo card. Meanwhile, Kelly is known for passionately defending Brett Kavanaugh during his #MeToo trial and tribulations. Bravo to your outstanding performances, Sis!

And if you thought white privilege couldn’t obtain any more ‘Trump’ cards in their deck, after getting fired for her racist Blackface remarks on her all white panel, Kelly will still get paid! Mic drop. I get it, a contract is a contract. But I can imagine that would NOT be the case if somehow someone of color pulled this same stunt. Of course the only offensive thing we could do to white culture is picking the raisins out of their potato salad or adding seasonings to chicken but again, I digress.

Blackface is the most disrespectful centuries old mockery of people of color….that was at one point in American history the most popular form of theatrical performance of the 19th century.  The TERM Blackface alone insinuates its origin in minstrel shows and Jim Crow and Kelly used the term as freely as white teens say the ‘N word’ in Drake lyrics. You would think white people already have it all, damn they have to have Diana Ross too?!

Let’s dig into the ride-or-die supporters of Megyn Kelly, you know her band of merry racists. They have got to be the funniest commentators. I’ve read some comments that defend her points in saying, “oh but Dave Chappelle and Key and Peele did sketches with White paint on their faces, what’s the difference!” or “there wasn’t an issue with ‘Whiteface’ when the Wayans Brothers made the movie White Chicks!” If white people don’t pick one of 50 Cents’ 200 Groupon seats at the Ja Rule concert, sit down, and SHUT THE HELL UP! Sorry, Wypipo, but there isn’t a such thing as “Whiteface.” Unless your ass is Wednesday Addams, it is not a term that exists in anyone’s vocabulary, Encarta, history book, or dictionary because racism in this country started with yall, not us. It’s bad enough that after we managed to elect the FIRST person of color to the “White” House, whom is most hated for “dividing the country,” you then turned Marty McFly’s clock back a hundred years to Make America Racist Again (not that much has actually  changed). Y'all insist we should grant you all kinds of leeway and respect when we’re still facing your mainstream stereotypes painting us as only savages, slaves, property, and caricatures.

White Americans stomped on American soil, ripped it out of the hands of the Native Americans then captured people from Africa, brought them against their will to stolen land and made them shuck and jive on stage for their own personal entertainment. Yet, the Megyn Kellys of the world still can’t fathom why a rich housewife shouldn’t paint her face black “just for a day,” because she wants to be Diana Ross. They have the nerve and audacity to claim Black people are disrespectful because OUR entertainers painted themselves white in comedy sketches… sketches I might add that were to amplify the very blasphemy of the racism they created, and expect us to apologize and go back to the cotton field….whoops... I mean the FOOTBALL field and get back to work (again for their entertainment). We’re supposed to be grateful and flattered that someone would paint themselves in Blackface to allegedly pay homage to the authenticity of someone’s character. All the while that’s actually demoralizing us altogether by reminding people of color how conditioned we’re supposed to be to racism.

I think it’s safe to say Halloween in America is the spookiest shit of all time. The real monsters and villains are not walking around with actual masks and capes. They are those who pretend to defend the rights of equality and polite society but wait for Halloween to dignify their racist disguises with how they really feel about people of color. Don’t try and trick Black people into thinking it’s a treat for us to see you all in “Blackface” by memorializing our people,  some of whom at the height of their careers couldn’t even dance in the same nightclubs as you. Keep your face paint to primary colors this Halloween and leave the chocolate to Hersey’s. RIP to the career of Megyn Kelly.

The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of BET Networks.

Written by Brittany Whitfield

(Photo: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


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