Oregon Vandals Slash Inflatable Black Santa In Family’s Front Yard

Oregon Vandals Slash Inflatable Black Santa In Family’s Front Yard

Neighbors are now planning to put up their Black Santas in solidarity with the family.

Published 4 weeks ago

A Black family in Oregon believes Trump-fueled vandals slashed their inflatable Black Santa Claus just hours after it was erected in their front yard.

Fritz Richard has been living in his home for 20 years before his family was targeted, reported KOIN.

“It’s exactly the opposite result I think they were looking for,” Richard told the local news station. “There will be hopefully a lot of black Santas around this neighborhood.”

According to Richard, who discovered the deflated Santa on Thursday morning, said the Christmas decoration was only up for just a few hours.

 “Looks like someone had a problem with our black Santa,” Richard wrote on Facebook. “I found him this morning, someone took a knife to him. Trump is really changing this country! Is this how you make America 'great again,’ with hate crimes?”

Washington County Sheriff’s Department detectives are investigating the vandalism case but are hampered by the lack of security camera video, reported KGW.

Fritz and Belinda Richard, told The Oregonian they were singled out for having a Black Santa.

“There are white Santas all over our neighborhood,” Belinda Richard said. “They aren’t getting slashed.”

Despite the hate shown toward their choice of Santa, the family received support from several neighbors who told the Richards they will purchase and install their own Black Santas, reported KATU.

“The nice thing about the response from the next-door neighbors is that we don’t know any of these guys,” Fritz Richard said, according to The Oregonian.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: KOIN)


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