Pregnant Woman Who Complained Of Stomach Pains Dies In Mississippi Jail

Pregnant Woman Who Complained Of Stomach Pains Dies In Mississippi Jail

Lanekia Michelle Brown's relatives still have not been able to identify her body.

Published December 28th

The family of a pregnant woman who suddenly died in a Mississippi detention center while awaiting trial is demanding information surrounding the circumstances of her death.

Lanekia Michelle Brown, 37, was jailed and awaiting a trial for a charge of trafficking of a controlled substance. She was placed in the Madison County Detention Center, where she was later found dead by a nurse. According to her family, Brown complained of stomach pain before her death, WJTV 12 reports.

“They did CPR on her over and over… still didn’t get no response.… So he just said she was gone,” Brown’s mother, Margaret Johnson, told the local news station.

Brown, who was only about three weeks pregnant, was in healthy condition, said her family.

Brown’s family learned of her death when a Mississippi Highway Patrol Officer delivered the news two days before Christmas. Although the trooper told Johnson a nurse found Brown unresponsive, the family was not told how she died.

Additionally, whenever Brown’s family asked for more information, they were given the silent treatment. They were not even allowed to identify the body and now they are suspecting foul play.

“I need to know what happened to her… where she at. They won’t tell me or give me no information. That’s my child,” Johnson said. “I love my child.… I want to know where my child is.”

The local sheriff’s office confirmed Brown’s death to news outlets and added that the investigation would be taken over by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: WJTV)


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