Photo of Morehouse College Professor Holding A Student’s Baby While Teaching Goes Viral

Photo of Morehouse College Professor Holding A Student’s Baby While Teaching Goes Viral

Dr. Nathan Alexander’s student brought his daughter to class when he couldn’t find a baby-sitter.

Published March 3, 2019

Dr. Nathan Alexander is getting some well-deserved praise for helping out a student during their time of need.

  1. The 34-year-old math professor at Morehouse College on Friday (March 1) baby-sitted a baby girl named Assata after his student, Wayne Hayer, was unable to find someone to look after her while he had class.

    Hayer ended up bringing the infant to class and before teaching, Alexander offered to hold Assata so Hayer could take “better notes in class.” Nick Vaughn, another student in the class, shared the situation on social media.

    Dr. Alexander ended up teaching the entire 50-minute class while holding the child. He even continued to carry Assata for an extra 10 to 15 minutes after class while he was helping students with questions about his just-wrapped lecture.

    Here’s the tweet everyone’s talking about. Currently it’s at over 285,000 likes.

  2. Alexander spoke with BuzzFeed News the day after and admitted that he was worried about looking after the baby during the lecture. "I'm not a father, I don't have children of my own," the professor said. "I was worried that she would start crying. But it actually went perfectly. She was extremely well-behaved."

    He also says that he noticed Hayer often leaving office hours early in order to take care of his daughter. To that end, he told Hayer he could bring his daughter to class whenever he needed to. "Anything I can do to support you, let me know," Alexander recalled. "That's what I'm here for as an educator."

    These are the types of stories we like to see. Being a young father can be tough. Glad to see this student getting through it with support.

Written by BET Staff

Photo: Adam Augustus Crowley


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