Raniya Wright’s Mother Says Her Daughter Was Bullied Before She Died And The School Did Nothing

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Raniya Wright’s Mother Says Her Daughter Was Bullied Before She Died And The School Did Nothing

Ashley Wright says she tried to get school administrators to take the bullying more seriously.

Published April 8th

Previously, we brought you the story of Raniya Wright, the 5th grader who died in a hospital two days after getting into a fight with a classmate at Forest Hills Elementary School in Walterboro, South Carolina on March 25.

At the time, bullying had been suspected as a cause of the fight and now we’re hearing from Wright’s mother, Ashley Wright, who says her daughter was picked on constantly before she died.

“I've been complaining about the person that she fought numerous times to them,” Wright said on Good Morning America in reference to attempts she’s made in contacting Raniya’s school administrators. “That's what really breaks me down and makes me question to myself why nothing was never done up until now with this happening. I'm thinking they got it handled and they failed me.”

Wright says her daughter was having issues with the student since last year. She also claims her daughter had requested to stay home just days before being killed. “She did not want to go to school these last couple of weeks... I felt like the situation at school was getting worse," she explained.  

On the morning of the fatal fight, Wright says she did not talk to her daughter because her mother was the one to see her children off to school.

RaNiya Wright died Wednesday morning (March 27), according to Colleton County Coroner Richard Harvey. The young girl’s school district’s Facebook page issued a short statement about her death. “We are devastated by this news, and we want our communities to keep their thoughts and prayers with the student’s family at this time,” the post read.

Colleton County deputies confirm they’re investigating an assault between two students. The Colleton County School District said on Tuesday it’s cooperating with investigators.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the family to help with funeral and other post-death-related expenses. So far, it’s raised $13,800.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Godong


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