Maleah Davis’ Mother Grilled About Her Ex-Fiancé Who Is Suspected Of Harming Her Daughter

Maleah Davis’ Mother Grilled About Her Ex-Fiancé Who Is Suspected Of Harming Her Daughter

The 4-year-old reportedly suffered so much abuse she needed brain surgery.

Published May 18, 2019

It’s been two weeks since 4-year-old Maleah Davis was issued an Amber Alert after she was allegedly kidnapped from her stepfather’s car when they left their home in Houston, Texas to pick up her mother from the airport.

In recent developments, the mother’s ex, Derion Vence, was arrested on Saturday (May 11) after blood matching the girl’s DNA was found in his apartment bathroom. He’s currently being held on a $45,000 bond.

The girl’s mother, Brittany Bowens, was chased out of the courtroom on Monday (May 13) by protesters who accused her of not doing enough to protect her daughter.

The angry protesters yelled out, “Justice for Maleah” and “murderer” as Bowens walked through the courthouse after a hearing was canceled for Vence.  

Many people feel that Bowens was reckless in leaving her daughter behind when she stated that Vence may have been physically abusive.

In August 2018, Maleah suffered a head injury which led to CPS (Child Protective Services) removing the 4-year-old from her Houston home. Brittany claims the injury resulted after the toddler fell "from a tall chair to a marble table," doctors found her injuries were inconsistent with the story provided.

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She recently did an interview with KHOU-11, responding to sturdy questions about her missing daughter.

The mother described how she’s coping “by the grace of God” and that she’s having a hard time eating and sleeping since the disappearance of her little girl.

“It’s like my mind and my spirit can’t rest,” Bowens explained. “All I can do is pray and give it to God. That’s all I can do.”

According to the report, Bowen’s father was laid to rest and she left for Massachusetts to attend his memorial service. Prior to her flight, she confronted her ex through text messages about sexually explicit photos he had sent to another man.

When she was asked if she was comfortable leaving her children with Derion Vence.  She responded that she hadn’t thought that the children would be involved in their quarrel. “In my mind, whatever we had going on, had nothing to do with the children,” Bowens divulged.

She was also asked about Vence’s initial story of the kidnapping that involved three men. Bowen said that she wanted to believe the story because she would rather believe that someone took her child rather than someone she shared a home with possibly doing something to harm her.

“I would rather hear that somebody took my child than to know that somebody I had a home with could have possibly did something."

The story is very disheartening and we pray for Maleah and her family.

See the full interview below:

Written by BET Staff

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