Man Charged With The Murder Of A South Carolina Mother And Her 5-Year-Old Daughter

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Man Charged With The Murder Of A South Carolina Mother And Her 5-Year-Old Daughter

After Sharlee Bradley was found dead, cops continue to search for Neveah Adams.

Published 1 week ago

Sumter, South Carolina police are investigating the murders of two people after Daunte Johnson admitted to killing a mother and her child. 

Investigators reported Johnson confessed to placing the body of 5-year-old Neveah Adams in a trash bin at a Sumter apartment Monday.

Authorities dug through over 200 tons of trash in landfills in two South Carolina counties. They also searched nine garbage trucks, but still have yet to find Adam’s body as of Tuesday night. 

Adams mother, Sharlee Bradley, 29, was brutally killed. Her body was discovered in her own home at the Lantana Apartments Monday evening. The Sumter County Coroner’s Office revealed Bradley had been dead for several hours before she was discovered by a family member but her daughter was missing. 

Adams is described as 4′ 3, around 50 pounds, with black, braided hair and colored beads.

The child’s father, Dupray Adams, told a local news affiliate, “Oh my gosh my baby is so wonderful she loves to dance, she loves to sing. She is about to go to kindergarten. She’s a wonderful child, my last baby! I need my baby home. I need my baby home.”

Police reported Johnson was an acquaintance with Bradley.

Sumter police said they haven't determined how Bradley died.

Daunte Johnson, 28, was seen fleeing the residence. He is now in custody at the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center on a murder charge.

Officials are learning more about Johnson, who has a criminal record in other states. He is also a suspect in a Missouri homicide. Last year, Johnson was arrested for violating a domestic violence protective order. Court documents for Johnson show two other cases of assault on a female.

Many people have questioned why an Amber Alert was not issued for Nevaeh. On their official Facebook page, Sumter Police said the case did not meet federal Amber Alert guidelines.

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