Four-Star General Nominated To Become First African American Chief Of The Air Force

Lieutenant General Charles Q Brown, commander of the United States Air Forces Central Command, Southwest Asia, speaks during a joint press conference with US Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James at the Dubai Airshow on November 10, 2015. James said that the air campaign against the Islamic State (IS) group has made progress in degrading the jihadist organisation but it will not be enough without local boots on the ground. AFP PHOTO / MARWAN NAAMANI        (Photo credit should read MARWAN NAAMANI/AFP via Getty Images)

Four-Star General Nominated To Become First African American Chief Of The Air Force

Charles Q. Brown, Jr. will sit as the highest-ranking officer in the Air Force

Published March 3rd

Written by Alexis Reese

Nominated by the Trump administration, Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. could be the first African-American chief of staff for the United States Air Force.  

“I am truly honored and humbled by the nomination to serve as the Air Force’s 22nd Chief of Staff,” he said. “If confirmed, Sharene and I look forward to building upon the legacy of Gen. Dave and Dawn Goldfein and the many airpower giants before who have served our Air Force and our nation with such dedication.”

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Brown would also reportedly become the first African American to lead any military branch and hold the title as the first African American Pentagon leader since the 1993 retirement of Army General, Colin Powell, according to the Daily Mail

Brown is a four-star F-16 pilot who served in combat tours in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.  

“[Brown] will take command of an Air Force in transition, one moving from a decades-long priority on combating and containing terrorism to a new era of Great Power Competition,” said the Air Force.

Brown will be the highest-ranking officer in the Air Force, responsible for overseeing all units in the military branch.

He will sit alongside the Joint Chief of Staff in the Department of Defense that counsels the secretary of defense, the Homeland Security Council, the National Security Council, and the President on military affairs.  

Other duties Brown will take charge of will be being an ally in supporting the new Space Force program.

(Photo: MARWAN NAAMANI/AFP via Getty Images)


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