6 Amazing Virtual Vacations You Can Take While On Coronavirus Lockdown

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6 Amazing Virtual Vacations You Can Take While On Coronavirus Lockdown

You don't have to pack a bag or get on a plane to enjoy these exciting destinations.

Published April 10th

Written by Demetria Irwin

While practicing social distancing, feelings of isolation and loneliness can have a significant impact on stress levels and overall mental health. BET has joined the #AloneTogether campaign in an effort to support mental and emotional health in Black communities by providing content focused on health and wellness, ways to safely connect with others and practical steps to combat negative thoughts and feelings as we all navigate through the coronavirus global pandemic.


Beyond turning millions of people into telecommuters practically overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic has also canceled Spring Break and Easter vacations, special date nights, birthday plans and pretty much any opportunities to share and explore new cultures in person. While we wait out this crisis, there are still a few options available for travel fans who are itching to move past their door step and forget about being in self isolation.

No need to pack a bag or uber your way to the airport. Here’s a list of six virual vacations to (mentally) get you out of the house without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

  1. Washington D.C.

    Maybe this Spring you were planning on finally making your way to Washington D.C. to get to THEE museum or perhaps you have been there before, but you needed more than one day to take in all of that Black glory. Either way, the National Museum of African American History and Culture has you covered.

    Take your time as you search various exhibits and even learn more about individual artifacts online. 

  2. Ghana

    If you missed out on Ghana’s Year of the Return festivities in 2019, you probably still felt like you were there from the tons of pictures, videos, and articles about it posted by celebrities and your cousins.

    Ghana already had a new tourism campaign for this year in the works called "Beyond the Year of the Return" to keep African Americans headed back to the Gold Coast. To that end, you can explore Ghana’s castles, waterfalls, museums, and festivals using 360° virtual tours

  3. Florida Beaches

    Since we know most of ya'll weren't among the Gen Z crowd who filled up beaches in Florida in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, here's a great way to enjoy the waves without the risk. 

    With Florida Beach Finder, you can virtually dig your heels into the hot sands of the Sunshine State’s best beaches and you can even search by the vibe you’re looking for like “family-friendly,” “adventurous,” or “romantic.” Put on your swimsuit, throw a towel on your living room floor and sip on something tasty while you peruse the beaches of your choice.

  4. South Africa

    Like Ghana, South Africa is a popular destination for African Americans stepping over to the Motherland. Whether it’s club-hopping in Jo’burg or taking in the view from Cape Town’s Table Mountain, there’s plenty to see and do in South Africa.

    Now, you can take it all in with virtual tours of tons of places like museums, beaches, and even stadiums. 

  5. New York City

    If it’s cultural performances you crave, you can get your fix from Lincoln Center’s website. The iconic New York City venue is the place to go to catch a ballet, an opera, or a symphony orchestra. Like all the other cultural institutions in the Big Apple, Lincoln Center is temporarily closed, but they are offering up a robust schedule of performances and activities each day online. It’s kind of like having being handed a free season ticket to all the best fine art performances without having to leave your couch. Not a bad deal.

  6. National Parks

    Have you ever gone on a long road trip and visited as many National Parks as possible? Probably not, but that doesnt' mean it's not entirely possible.

    Take a look at the vast and diverse properties in the U.S. National Parks portfolio. From watching cherry blossoms bloom at their peak on the National Mall to diving into the ocean off California’s southern coast to exploring the U.S. Virgin Islands’ beaches, there’s no room for boredom on these virtual tours.


Demetria Irwin is a New York City-based writer and editor. Follow her on Twitter @Love_Is_Dope.

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